Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's New?

What's new? Well, lets see...the boys are out of school. They both pulled their grades up so mom was thrilled about that! I am very happy not to have to get them out the door by 7:30, but keeping them busy is also a challenge.

Michael had a birthday and is currently 16. He is a terrible driver! He hasn't passed range yet, so he still has to do that in July, because he will be at scout camp when they do it in June. He wanted a digital camera for his birthday. Dave took him to Walmart to get one, but the one they picked ate up the AA batteries way too fast, so we took that one back and got one that has a rechargeable battery in it. He's thrilled!

Spencer is currently at scout camp. I painted his room this week, after patching all the holes Jake and John made in the walls. I painted the trim and doors white and walls tan. I had a bunch of tan paint left over from painting upstairs, so it made it an easy choice. Next is the hall and the trim in the bathroom downstairs. The paint is still ok in the bathroom, but the trim is all the same color. Need to update the light fixture and add a mirror, then we'll call it good for now. You know what is really sad? I have a whole wardrobe of painting clothes! I probably have 5 shirts and 2 pants, shorts and capris all in my painting attire!

Speaking of painting...The Holladay House Painters have a new job of painting Gennie's house. We got started today, actually. The cleaners have been washing down the walls and cleaning out the cupboards, and soon they will be taking down the wallpaper. I learned how to patch walls (on the bedroom downstairs), and there were some holes needing to be patched. I was skeptic, at first, that I could do it. But I found this fast drying mud that did the trick! Who knew that frosting cakes would come in handy! I even figured how to use that texture spray so it doesn't look like your wall has a disease! We should have this job done next week. We will probably paint all of the upstairs. Definitely going to need some more paint!

Spencer turns 13 on the 13th! The twins turned 19 on the 19th and Zack turned 21 on the 21st! Cool huh!

I'm still playing racquetball 4 times a week. Dave and I play on the weekends for our together time. He plays me left handed and sometimes wins. I'm not that bad...He's that good! Our favorite racquetball time is when we can play other couples. Sometimes we can get a couple guys to play us and we can still beat them...yes, Dave is that good! I don't mind losing when it's a good challenge!

We tried starting our 4 wheelers and weren't successful! I'm pretty bummed about that!

The Sweet Family Camp Out is coming up next month and we are really looking forward to that! Its the only family trip we have planned so far. We were hoping to go on some 4-wheeling trips with Zack after he gets we'll have to see if we can get them working again.

Hey, if anyone can use $124 towards a Southwest Airline Ticket in the next 2 weeks I have a voucher you can use! Travel has to be complete by 6/23/10. I forgot to use it when I went on my trip to NY (silly me!). Call me if you're interested.

We are enjoying having Grandma Holladay live here. We had railings put on the front and back porch so she can safely maneuver the stairs. I'm sure our other geriatric visitors will appreciate them too.

We've been putting the BBQ to good use so far this summer. Last night we had some awesome fillets of beef from Costco! We scored on the watermelon sweet!

We've been having some weird weather this year! A few nights ago, I got a call from our bishop at about 12:45 a.m., looking for some guys to fill sand bags for some emergency flooding in Lehi. Every one of them went (plus Austin)! I didn't ask Spencer to go because he had to get up and go to camp early the next morning. It has rained so much this year I haven't got the sprinklers on yet. I turned them on twice and let them run through the cycle, but that's it.

I got my garden in again this year (such as it is). We have cucumber plants, tomatoes, squash and a few peas came up. They are blossoming, so hopefully we get some this year. I planted them a little late because it was so cold for a long time. I just put cages on my tomatoes because they are growing pretty fast! If it doesn't rain tonight, I will have to mow in the morning.

Well, that's a long enough update! Just thought you might want to know there was a little more going on in my life besides Zack's letters.

Blog you later!


fern said...

great update- its fun to keep up on what is going on down south!!

Beth said...

Wow! Sounds like you are super busy!!

Jill Heaps said...

Wonderful to hear that summer is going good so far. BUSY of course but you wouldn't have it any other way! Keep enjoying and counting down the days till Zack comes home!! :)

Sam said...

You're sounding as busy as we are with the house projects. You have a lot more going on besides that so more power to ya! I wish I could use those vouchers, but too much going on the next couple of weeks.

Wendy said...

Hey, if you haven't used the $124 in Southwest money, I'm interested. I'm trying to figure out how to get my mom to come up this summer.