Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heck Street...

Hey Mom!

Yeah I opened up the chocolate chips. I didn't know what to do with them, so I put some over my birthday cake. Are you sure I'm supposed to snack on chocolate chips? Is that healthy? You always got mad at us for snacking on chocolate chips at home...

We ate my birthday dinner at Applebees yesterday. It wasn't busy, so we didn't have to wait long. I had something lemon chicken. It had a Mexican-food-taste. It was chicken covered with cheese and a little bit of ranch and rice and thin strips of tortilla chips. It was good. Elder Peña ordered rice and shrimp(yuck) We enjoyed it. Thank you!

That's unfortunate about the car. Good thing no one got hurt!

Congratulations on your racquetball victories!

Not too much happening this week because of the holiday. A lot of people were gone. We mostly tracted and visited members. We weren't able to find anyone new this week. There was a ward activity at the Rasmussen's. It was a movie night. They had a projector and stereo system set up out side in their backyard. For the screen they had bought a sail and constructed a frame for it. It was pretty sweet! I wish I had taken a picture. They watched some movie about geese. The movie started late because of the sunlight so we only got to watch the first 20 minutes of it before we had to leave.

This week we have a few appointments. The former Sis. Tessa Bates is coming to visit the area on Friday. I came out with her a couple years ago. We're going to update the area book and maybe talk with the Toms River Sisters. They'll be covering our area because...

I'm getting transferred next week. President decided to close Barnegat for a while. Elder Peña is going back to Cape May. I'm going to Moorestown again. This time I'm going to be with Elder Belnap, who also happens to be from Lehi. President said there wouldn't be any office elders next ½ transfer until the mission closes, but he said he's putting me there in case they need back up. I'm still going to be the district leader .

Is Dad ever going to use the blue bike that's hanging up in front of the Accord? What needs to be fixed on it?

I think that's it. Sorry it's short. Hopefully the pics will make up for it....

Love ya,


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