Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A note from Zack

Hey mom!

Does Bro. Sump remember any families in particular? Does he know anyone I should go see or stop by? I asked a few people, but so far no one seems to remember. I'll keep asking around though.

This week we spent a lot of time finding and trying potentials. We visited Bro. Kitler for the last time. He headed off to combat training before he gets shipped off to Afghanistan. Shared our last lesson about obedience with him and got some pics. On Saturday we got an invite to the Ali Poaletti's graduation party. There were members and non-members there and we got free food! We talked to some of the next-door neighbors, but they didn't seem too interested. Hopefully we planted some seeds though. Monday was our Combined District meeting. It was fantastic. President Murray, who is the current mission president of the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and his assistants came to inform us about some of the changes that will take place next week. They gave us time for a Q&A session. They talked about stuff like the new schedule and transfer meetings and how much money we get each month, etc. Those things are subject to change when President
Schaefermeyer comes. President Murray is going home with President Winegar. After combined district meeting, we went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders. We found a lot of potentials and made a lot of appointments.

I have faith that Jake will be alright. He's a good kid. I like that he has a good attitude about all this. It says a lot about him.

Here's something I think you might find useful. I use it sometimes when investigators or members are having a rough time:
5 Scriptures to get you through almost anything

It's a good thing you're trunky so I don't have to be.

Love yous,

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