Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dallin's Eagle and...!

Congratulations to Dallin for earning his Eagle Scout award! I don't remember seeing so many people gathered for one Eagle Scout.

I always look at the men's faces as they go up to the eagle's nest. Always a little proud to be a part of the elite few.

I know these two came for grandma's eclairs! They picked a seat right next to the dessert table. Congrats to Kyle, who got his mission call to Tulsa, Oklahoma!
Of course, these two have dirty tongues because they can't keep them in their mouths.

Sam couldn't figure out why Cameron was so snuggly to Uncle James.

It's cause Uncle James always smells so good!

Here is my baby brother, being normal. Love the tie SaMmY! (gee, how come your brother's foreheads are so much higher than yours?)

And proud grandma!

Then my brother shaved his mustache, but he can grow it out again tomorrow. Hi Jean!

And last, but not least, here is my sister Audrey with her pregnant glow (she's the one on the, due in March! Congrats guys!

Happy 25th Anniversary Hon!

25 years ago today, I was going over the plans of what the next day would bring. Being in love with a handsome 27 year old return missionary who made me laugh. Hoping for a bright future with some posterity to share our life with and to continue our existence. He would be going to school and I would work. Could we make it on my salary? Would our love last forever? Would my mom make it to the ceremony on time? Yes, Yes and No.

I met Dave in the hallway, just before being married for time. He was so handsome in his white tux it took my breath away. My first thought, was Wow! Lucky me! He is really going to be mine!

After we took our marriage for a test drive for a year, we sealed it for eternity! Now, he is mine forever!
First came the year of bliss, then the love blinders fell off and we got to learn to love each other all over again. We are definitely not the same people in this picture, but if we hadn't grown in these past 25 years, then our lives together would have been wasted.

So five boys and three dogs later, we are living here in Lehi, Utah. Dave works at the SL Airport and I love being a wife/mom that doesn't have to work to make ends meet (Thanks Dave!)

This year our anniversary falls on a Monday, so we made a weekend of it. We started off by playing racquetball with our friends the Ahlstroms. Then we cleaned up and went to the temple and did some sealings, to remind us of the awesome blessings that are ours as we keep our covenants. Then Joyce and Joe were awesome enough to let us join them at their cabin and Joe took us for some fun rides around Strawberry. We had some delicious food and had fun learning how to play Pinochle. We had an awesome weekend!

Still love my man and life is good! Happy Anniversary Dave!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My mom just turned 70 something today! I took mom, Belva and Myrlee, her best friend from school, out to lunch and we had a really nice visit. This picture is from last year, when my mom was young! Guess which one is her! hehehe


Hey Missionary Mom!

All is well in Zion. We've reached EVERY goal we made this transfer except for sacrament meeting attendance, which we don't have very much control over because we can't force people to come to church we can only invite. We had over 60 finding hours that's over 10 hours a week. We were asked to do 5 hours a week. It's the most I've tracted in one transfer. This has also been one of the most successful transfers I've had while on my mission.

Hey Mom, I just realized something. Within 10 years, you'll probably be an empty nest-er. It'll just be you and Molly at home in the mornings and afternoons most of the time. Weird huh?

Emily's baptism went great! Her family was there and the spirit was there. Took some pictures and stuff. I was surprised that the family didn't come to the confirmation though. I guess they got scared or something might of come up.

That's all I have this week.


Elder Zack

Hey Missionary Mom!

Kyle's going to Tulsa Oklahoma!! Wow! That's exciting! That means that Kyle and JC will be in the MTC at the same time, But I think that Kyle will leave before JC.

No church on Sunday? That never happens! I can't believe I missed it. How was the Open house? I bet it was really crowded.

If you have snotty kids, you can keep them at your house (or take them to their other grandma!)! hahaha Mom if I have snotty kids in 7 years, which I don't think will happen, I'm going to bring them to your house every day for old times sakes.

Yeah I sneak a peek at your blog every once in a great while.

I still get up at 6:30am. I still exercise something whether its my brain or my muscles. I still have companionship study everyday.

It has started to cool off in the evenings. The past few days have had relatively low humidity, but we're still in the 90's. I can't wait for Autumn.

I'm not sure if we're getting rain from Hurricane Bob. There have been a few big rain/thunder storms within the last couple of weeks. Whether those were Hurricane rain or not, I do not know.

Elder Okamoto is doing good. He's gotten a lot better at the piano since I last saw him.

We're going to an addiction recovery class tonight to support Sunny. That will be interesting.

Well I gotta go. It wouldn't let Elder Beeston on for some reason so we have to find another place to do emails.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jackson Family Reunion

So, we tried something new this year. We had our reunion in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. Seemed to be a good idea because we got a pretty good turn out! I think Grandma and Grandpa would be happy that we still get together.

I tried to get a pic of everyone who came.
Anna, Sarah, Josie and Amanda

Tera & Ben Cindy & Liz

Jake and Jordy Lois Ann and Loren

Judy, Belva, Connie, Jeanene Bruce, Jeff, Steve

Connie! who are you with? (Jeff, Connie Bo)

Pam, Lowell, Sandra, Fontella, Sarah, Jeanene

Kevin, Jenna, Steve, Carma, Lori,
Belva, Maureen, Jeff

Amazing I got these names by memory!