Saturday, January 31, 2009

Holladay Family Fun!!!!

I am sooooo excited!!!! We got a great deal on these two 4-wheelers! I have always wanted to have 4-wheelers and I was looking at and found these two just waiting to be adopted by the Holladay family! Now we can't wait for some warm weather!

Friday, January 30, 2009

More New Jersey News!

Hey mom!

I think that one other shirt shrunk, but it still fits me (sorta) its the long-sleeve missionary mall shirt. I still wear it when I'm down to my last shirts for the week.

Eating Sushi: The fish wasn't so bad actually. Bro. Kuboshige, who took us to the Japanese Restaurant, told me that the wasabi there wasn't very spicy, so you needed a lot of it to taste it. So I took like a teaspoon of wasabi and mixed it with some soy sauce. I think next time I'll try a little less wasabi. The worst thing is the ginger. ....the dreaded ginger... that stuff is beyond nasty....I'm actually trying to go out of my way to try new foods. usually its pretty good. I actually tried some guacamole dip the other night too. it was pretty good. I never thought I'd like guacamole, but its alright.

Fazooka Recipe: It doesn't actually have to be a ceramic bowl, just a small individual bowl that can stay in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. We used glass one time and it turned out fine. nothing broke. They are soooooo good! I think I might make some tonight if I have time.

The bike isn't so bad. I went and bought some thermals and they keep me warm. I actually wouldn't mind if they kept me in bike area's the rest of my mission. The only thing I don't like about the bike is when the ground is wet because then, if I go too fast I get sprayed... that part isn't too fun...but all in all its all good. I actually asked Elder Okamoto that same question, "what if you get transferred to a bike area?" and he still said that he didn't need it. I later found out why... The bike needed some minor repairs. mostly just some missing and loose screws. nothing too serious. I fixed it up so I can ride more comfortably. Nothing has broken yet since I've fixed it up.

Wow! Spencer must be quite the pianist! I hope he keeps practicing (even though it might not be the funnest activity). I hope he'll be able to play some Beethoven or some Mozart or something for me when I get back! That would be SWEET!

From what I understand of when I'm going home, I'll probably fly home on Thursday (7/22/10). After Transfer meeting, I'll probably spend the rest of the day at the Mission Home and stay the night there and then leave for the land of infinite P-days in the morning.

The glass from the picture broke? I thought the bubble wrap and the other things would protect it somewhat... Do they run over everything that goes through the mail with a steam roller or something? I figured you'd like it if I labeled everything. I even thought about labeling the box that said "package from zack" but I thought that might have been a little excessive. The pretzels ARE pretty good. I don't know if you remember "Pocky" but THAT stuff is the best. I think Takuya had some when he was staying with us.

Is that one of those Amish fireplaces? I heard they're really great. It looks kind of funny in front of the railing.

Elder Davis says he's from the "Central Ward"

I've been working on my Jedi skillz and I've been trying to send hugs telepathically. I keep trying different ways to see if it will work, but most of the time I fail. Evidently SOMETHING worked. I've tried so many things, and I don't even know which one worked... I guess I'll have to start at the beginning again and go slow so that I can know which one it was.*HUG* did it work?(love you mom!)

Thank you for the treat! I love it when I get treats like those! Thanks!

Well I'm out of time and Elder Davis is waiting for me.

Love and Hugs,
Elder Holladay

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Address

Zack's new address is:
Elder Zack Holladay
100 Lucas Dr. Apt. G4
Bordentown, NJ 08505

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love this!

This is my Christmas present from Zack and Elder Okamoto!
Thanks guys! You're awesome!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

As Sisters In Zion...

We had our yearly Woman's Conference today. Every year they never cease to amaze me of the wonderful, inspiring speakers they get to come and the amazing music talent we have in our stake! I guess everyone in Lehi knows about it because there was not one parking spot open at the stake center or any nearby street.

Sister Mariama Kallon, from West Africa, was the keynote speaker. She told of her scary childhood, how she didn't really live, but waited to die moment to moment. Everyone in her family was killed and she had to watch as her sister's legs were cut off. Then she was taken in by a friend's family who lived next to a mormon family. She was invited to church and saw that each had hope in their countenance. She talked about the humanitarian kits that she had received as a member and how she shared everything in the kit with other woman. She had the reminants of her kit with her and kept it as a reminder of what she went through and to show others, what the kits meant to the people who got them. She talk of her half-sister who received a school bag and how they broke the pencils into little pieces so more children could have something to write with. Then she shared every piece of paper and the children would erase the paper everyday until there was nothing left to write on. She said she was given a blanket, but had to soon give it up for a woman to be buried in.

It was so touching to hear her story. After the meeting we gathered at our ward house to put together humanitarian kits and many of the sisters whipped up about 10 quilts to send...all in about an hours time. We put the kits together until we ran out of supplies. The church was so packed with sisters, there were sisters out in the hall way folding towels to put in the kits.

It's amazing what a few willing hands can do! If you only heard this sister's story, every ward in the world would be flood the shipping indutstry with humanitarian kits so no child or person would have to suffer the way these people are suffering now. Next time you have the opporutnity to give to the humanitarian aid, reach into your wallet and give all you have!

Click below to see her story!

Sister Kallon's story

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Jersey News!

Good Evening, Mom!

I've actually been feeling a little under the weather lately, so I didn't get around to sending the package until yesterday. Sorry. :/

How did you get the fire place to fit? and where did you put it? and what color is it? and how many USB ports does it have? Gas or electric?

So I'm Here. In Bordentown. Sitting at a computer in the library. Typing. An Email. To you.

I put my (formerly Elder Okamoto's) bike together and noticed that it needs a little bit of work. luckily there's a bike shop nearby that likes missionaries, so I'll probably stop there for a tune up.

At Transfer meeting today, Elder Nash, my district leader from when I was in Woodstown, who has one transfer left, was so generous he gave me a nice leather jacket to wear since I won't be able to wear the trench coat on the bike. I'm wearing it right now actually. its quite comfortable. not to mention stylish.

So Elder Davis, whom I had worked with during my early days as a missionary, is from St. George. He is also the new district leader. He actually used to be Elder Nash's companion when I first got here.

We have a senior couple in our district, Elder and Sister Johnson. And we have some sisters as well Sis. Carter and her Greeny. And then Me and Elder Davis. so 6 missionaries total in our district.

The area of Bordentown is about as big as Pennsville and Carneys Point put together. Its not that big when compared to my old area.

After I finish my email, we'll probably go to the store so I can get some thermals. and some other stuff for keeping warm while on the bike.

There's no washer and dryer IN the apartment, but there is a dishwasher! and the washer and dryer are around the corner somewhere, I haven't found it yet...

I noticed that the snow stays on the ground here, which makes me excited because now it actually feels like winter! YAY!

Well I gotta go! Times up!


Elder Holladay

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. President

I love the expression on thier faces!

Well President Obama, congratulations on becoming the first black president in the United States! Your election seems to have brought a lot of hope into our nation. Perhaps you were the best candidate for this time in our history. I don't envy the tasks that lie before you. I admire your desire to bring unity to our country. I appreciate the importance you put on your religion and your family. I hope that you will help educate the country so that we will not repeat past mistakes, but go on to make it stronger with a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And It Came to Pass...

Looks like Elder Holladay is getting disparate for investigators!

Yes Elder Okamoto Finished the painting. I'm going to the post office today to get a box to send it to you. I think I will also send back some shirts that don't fit me any more. (they shrunk a bit) I still have plenty of shirts to wear every day, so don't worry about me not having enough shirts.
Well there wasn't much going on last week, but lots happened this week. Teryl Cain got baptized on Sunday. We've been doing lots of walking (about 2-3 hours or more each day) since last week because Prez. Winegar said that he was going to cut everyone's miles because they went over.(we only went over ONE mile!) so I've been getting lots of exercise. We go to Cowtown every Saturday and try to find people to teach. The last few times that we've gone, we've given out a lot of stuff which has all but extinguished our supply of supplies. Last night, we got transfer calls. I'm going to Bordentown with Elder Davis. Its in the north west part of the mission, just south of Trenton. I've worked with Elder Davis before, so I think we'll get along fine. OH! and it's a bike area, so I'll still get plenty of exercise. Elder Okamoto said that he would let me have his bike since he didn't need it. so yeah... Keepin busy.
We've got apartment inspections in about an hour, so we were cleaning this morning before Emails.Tonight we have a dinner appointment with one of the members who is going to take us to a Japanese restaurant. all you can eat sushi I think. Then we're going to play basketball with the ward, which I am very excited about. The last 3 or 4 P-days, we weren't able to play basketball because we had other appointments to go to.
I'm still learning Japanese. Elder Okamoto found some Japanese pamphlets and a Japanese planner that he gave to me. Since I have the exact same thing in English, I think it will be easier to learn Japanese. But at the same time it will be more difficult when I move to Bordentown, because I will no longer have language study, and I'll have to learn Japanese on P-days.
I'm kind of looking forward to being transferred, and I'm kind of not. I'm excited to go out meet new people, teach new people, baptize new people, explore new places, but at the same time, I'll miss some of the people here in Woodstown ward.
I learned how to make a Fazooka! (sp?) Its basically the best desert ever. it involves cookie dough and ice cream, so you KNOW its good. I think I'll have some later today actually...
Well I gotta go! so many emails, so little time...
Elder Holladay, your favorite son on a mission

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good-bye Iona

We started the weekend by attending the funeral of my Uncle Jack's 2nd wife, Iona. She was in the van on a trip to Cedar City or St. George and watching "27 Dresses" with her grandkids. She had a heart attack and passed peacefully while doing what she loved, traveling and being with family. She was a very sweet lady. We will miss her.

I looked out the door and there was Jake in his church clothes chipping away at the ice-laden driveway. It's quite the speed-bump since the city pushed their slushy mess into our driveway. We are happy they plow our road so it's not so bumpy to drive down. Guess we should have cleared the slush before it froze!

I got to meet my new Primary class today! Just like my last class, they all came to find me right after Sacrament Meeting was over. I feel like a hen gathering my little chicks. They are adorable and I am looking forward to having them in my class this year!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet revenge!

When will the violence end?
Can't we all just get along?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Already!

One of my goals before school started again, was to switch furniture around and get Jake into Zack's old room. Jake's room was such a mess, if I wanted it done, he was going to need my help. I found this shirt behind his bed. Does this tell you how long it's been since Jake really cleaned his room! I'm thinking (hoping) that maybe Spencer left this shirt in his room.
Jake & John.
Not sure why Jake is wearing boxers on his head, but welcome to my world!

Well, should we make some backward resolutions, since the old ones never work out, usually. How about, I will not try to lose weight this year! Ya, maybe that will work!

BTW, with the help of my strong boys and one of their friends, I did manage to get the furniture switched around. I was hoping to get the blue couch downstairs, but they couldn't get it around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, so all the couches are staying upstairs. We widened the doorway at the bottom of the stairs, but apparently, it wasn't enough.

Jake moved into Zack's room. Spencer got Jake's bed. We moved the pool table into Jake's room and took 3 recliners to the Rec. room. Hooked up the Wii to the big t.v. in the Rec. room. Lots of room now!

I was missing my Lazyboy chair in my room, so Dave let me put it back in there so I can have a quiet place to read my new book he gave me for Christmas.

Life is good!