Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 I like this pic because everyone keeps telling me this!

Well, that wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be!    We have learned that the pet name for Rhabdomyosarcoma is Rhabdo (sounds like a weird dog name!)  So that is what we will refer to it as from here on out.

Our Oncologist, Dr. Jennifer Wright, came in special, just to see Jake (apparently she doesn't come in on Wednesday).  The bad news is, there are still more tests to be run!  More waiting!  Our favorite!  She has to determine how far along the cancer is and if it has spread to other parts of the body.  If it has spread, that is very bad!  If it is only in the groin area where they found it, there is an excellent chance of recovery/cure.

Until they finish running all the tests, they won't know what kind of drugs to use in the chemo therapy.  The good news is they know what to test for and they should know everything by Friday!

I asked if it would be possible for us to go on our Sweet Family Camp Out, or if they needed to start treatment right away.  Dr. Wright said she saw no problem with waiting until we got back, unless she made some drastic discoveries on Friday.  Jake said he really wanted to go, so at this point, we are planning to go.

Friday they will be doing a bone scan and chest CT to make sure the cancer has not spread there.  They will be looking at the lungs and the bones.

Monday, the 12th, we are expecting to get a central line put in near his clavicle and his first Chemo treatment.  He will have to stay overnight at the hospital, but should be able to come home the next day.

We asked lots of other questions, but they can't be answered until Friday.  If it is a good outcome, the chemo will last about 30 weeks off and on.

I'm feeling very hopeful and much, much better than yesterday.  Jake and the rest of the family are keeping their good attitudes.  Still lots of swelling, but not feeling sick.

A big hug of gratitude for my angels today!  We appreciate all you are doing for us!

Love you guys!

p.s.  When we got to the PCMC, they were having this fabulous BBQ out on the patio!  The smell of smoking steak saturated the air, teasing the taste buds!  As we were waiting for Dave to come out of the parking garage, I looked longingly at the fresh fruit and yummy spread and thought sadly of that pb&j I grabbed as we were scampering out of the house so we wouldn't be late.  So sad to learn that if we had arrived a bit earlier, Rick A. would have hooked us up with some delectable eats!  Not surprised that he was the one responsible for that savory smell!  They only do the BBQ on Wednesday so I think we are going to have to schedule an appointment for that day some time soon!


Jodi said...

I'll be praying for Jake and your family.

Janine said...

I'm glad today was a better day! You need those as often as possible. We will keep praying for all of you, especially Jake. :)

Kellie said...

Here's to hoping it hasn't spread. You're so positive, thanks for keeping us all posted.

Jill Heaps said...

Your in good hands at Primarys! The nurses will probably say, "Don't I know you from somewhere?.. Don't you have a guitar?" Emily was very excited to hear that Jake gets a central line like she had! (I am sure happier than Jake) Have him get lot's of swimming in this week :) I am so glad you get to have a family vacation before all this starts. It will give you all a huge lift! Love you and good luck on Friday. You can text me with the info and I will check my phone when we have service :)

Tamara said...

I am so glad you update the blog. I have been checking in every day . I am so impressed with your positive attitude in all of this. You are an amazing woman. I will keep praying for your family!!