Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the Birfday package! I love the shirt! I think you sent way too many chocolate chips! What am I supposed to do with 2 bags? 1/2 a bag is plenty. Haven't been able to eat the birthday-dinner you sent me because we didn't have any hamburger. I hope to have enough time today to buy some so I can have my pre-dinner and then my dinner. Whoever sent the Pokemon card is cute. They sent me more 'energy' LOL! Thanks for the other stuff too!

We haven't gone out to eat the other birfday dinner yet because we haven't had an open slot. We've been getting fed pretty well this past week. I think we have a opening this week though so we'll probably go then.

I hope that cool weather mozies on over here because today was hot and muggy. I hate the humidity because it just drains you of all your energy. We were all having a rough time while we were playing sports. We were all so sweaty. Our hands were sweaty and we'd try to wipe our hands on our clothes so we could catch the football but our clothes were soaked too, so it didn't do us much good.

This week we went to go see some of our new investigators but she said she was tired, so she didn't meet with us. We were bummed because we had brought a member with us to help us teach. We tracted some more, but haven't found much. We went on a team-up with Bro. Edward who recently moved into the ward from PA. We got to teach a potential named Tiffany. It was a good lesson. We also did a few service projects. We helped the branch mission leader put some gravel in his back yard. We got about 1/3 of it done including the cloth that goes underneath the gravel. Then a few days later, we helped an investigator clean up his yard. Mostly raking up leaves and mowing the grass. He had waited too long to cut the grass, so it was about waist high. Sometimes higher. It was a lot of hard work. After both projects, they fed us hamburgers from the grill. It was super tasty! Yesterday I went on an exchange with Elder Draper in Lakewood after district meeting. It went great! We visited a member who fed us lunch and we shared a message with him afterwards. Then we stopped by a few potentials and we were able to teach a man named Paul in his backyard while he cooked food for his family. I thought it was a good lesson. Then we had correlation meeting in Toms River Ward so we went there and then we went home for dinner.

Well I could write more, but I'm out of time. We have to get the car to the dealer to get it fixed in 5 minutes and I still have to write President's letter.

More later.

Love ya!


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