Friday, June 18, 2010

New Jersey News

Heeeyyy RSH (and fam.)!

No, I didn't know that Bro. Sump went to the Cherry Hill Mission! Morrestown? you mean Moorestown? or Morristown? I'll ask a few people that might have been here a while if they know/remember him. I checked only the first year of the history of the New Jersey Cherry Hill Mission which was 1996. I didn't see his name in there. It didn't have all the names, so I'm not sure when he was here. I'm not going to check any more folders because they're too big. When did he start?

We got Elder Leiva back on Monday. He was the missionary that was waiting for the doctors permission to come back. He's in Vineland now. The other two won't be here until August. I think it was Sis. Soolefai that needed the visa. She probably needed it so that she could come to the United States. Elder Okamoto had to get one. He told me it was hard to get.

We've had a lot of people move into the Moorestown Ward within the last 6 weeks. There's quite a few faces that I don't recognize. Most of them are security system salesmen that are here for the summer. I think they actually live down in Cherry Hill, but our church starts at a more convenient time. At least that's what they say.

Thanks for getting my room ready for me. What color are the walls? Pink flower sheets? I don't know about that one... are you sure Stacy didn't switch it when you weren't looking? Did Spencer get my B-day card?

I might be able to fix your bike, depending on what the 'gear thingy' is and how broken it is. Seems fair enough since you let me have the blue bike.

How much painting do you have left?

I like it when it's cold and rainy in Utah because that means it will be nice and cool in NJ.

My schedule now is the same any any other missionary's. We don't go to the office to work unless the Taylors need us for something. We're just in case of an office emergency.
Yeah I still work out in the morning. I need to start running or something else aerobic though. I mostly do push-ups and pull ups and sit ups and some free weights.
I am emailing from the office.

This week was pretty good. It's a little bit weird serving in an area I was just in not too long ago. We still have some of the investigators that we were teaching when I left. We actually met with one last night, Leslie. I think I mentioned her before. While I was in Barnegat Elder Howard and Elder Belnap taught her pretty much everything. Elder Belnap and I taught her about tithing and Fast offerings and obeying the law of the land. She still is very interested and takes notes. She said that she will probably raise her children in this church. I feel that she will be baptized. I think its a matter of when she'll feel ready. On Saturday, I had to go to the beginning of Zone/district Leader Council. I guess it was more of a leadership training, which usually happens at combined district meeting. This is a wacky transfer. Anyways, the meeting was really good. Elder Belnap and I had to drive to Camden to pick up 2 other district leaders. Elder Belnap was going to stay and work in Camden while I went with the 2 DL's to the meeting. Elder Jensen was there and Pres. Corbitt and his wife were there. Sis. Winegar made us lunch. It was some sort of build-your-own pulled pork burritos. Afterwards we went back to Camden so I could get my companion. Elder Schaefer, who is a district leader in Freehold, had to work with us because he came down with the Spaniards who were at a Spanish Conference for most of the day. We tried a few people but they weren't home. We had a dinner/party at the McFarlane's house. They're moving down to Virginia in a few weeks. There was a lot of people there. The Spaniards called us to let us know that they were done, and we could bring back Elder Schaefer. The dinner wasn't done yet, so we had to eat an run. We met the other missionaries down in Cherry Hill by the Stake Center. We got there and we were about to leave when all three of us realized something terrible...: We left our backpacks at the McFarlane's! That was kind of embarrassing. The Spaniards followed us to the McFarlane residence and we got our bags and left. 

On Monday we found 2 potential 'gators. We were dropping by a less-active member. Before we knocked on the door we met a lady who was playing in the sprinklers in front of the house with her toddler child. We talked to her and she said we could come back on Tuesday. The member wasn't home, so we decided to tract the street for a bit. We tracted one side before it was time to go to our next appointment. On our way back to the car we saw another lady with a child in her arms who was getting something out of her car. We talked to her and asked her if we could share a message with her. She said yes. Well whenever someone says yes it kind of catches us off guard. We thought she would invite us into her house to teach, but she didn't, so we taught a brief restoration lesson in her driveway. She asked some good questions and we set up a time to go back when her husband would be home. On Tuesday we had district meeting. It was kind of lame because it was all business/announcements. I didn't get to do what I had planned at all. I guess I'll have to save it for next time. We went to go back to one of the potentials (the first one in the sprinklers), but she juked us.

That's intense news about Jake. Poor guy. Hope everything goes well for him. It's good that he has a positive attitude about it though. Keep me posted.

Love yous,

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