Monday, May 25, 2009

Short update...

I know blog updates are boring with no pics, but it just didn't happen this week! I have been finding new racquetball friends to play this week. Dave and I played a couple of guys today and beat them 4 out of 6 games (mostly Dave cause he's awesome at racquetball), but I got a few good shots in.

Friday was our annual trip the the cemeteries with Aunt Belva and Mom. We usually end up in Jerusalem and have lunch with Uncle Jack. I must say I was very impressed with how clean he was keeping his bachelor pad! Even the sinks were clean! He has lost quite a bit of weight since Iona passed, so we took him a pair of overalls to see if they would fit. Mom had to take about 8 inches off the legs and hem them. I guess overalls just aren't big sellers, so it's hard to find the ones that fit and the brand he likes.

Dave tried to fix the 4 wheeler, but I took it for a test drive and it still doesn't work right. John had to come rescue me and tow me home from the sand pit. That was a fun trip!

Dave also tried to replace the bearings in the swamp cooler, now that doesn't work either...0 for 2.

I tried to get an upgrade on our internet and when Qwest fixed it, they really fixed it good. We had no internet or phone until Monday. The boys say it is a lot faster, but I don't really notice a big difference.

Oh ya, I'm not the Primary Chorister anymore, well they haven't announced it yet, so I guess I can't tell you what my new calling is until Sunday. And let's just say they picked someone who won't mess up the music when the kids perform in Sacrament meeting, so big sigh of relief from me. The only sad part of it is that I won't be spending time with Emily teaching her the primary songs anymore. I have really come to love their whole family! Sniff! Even Leo (the dog).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Zack!

Hey mom!
How's it going?

I hope I have an awesome day tomorrow too. So far, from what we've planned, it looks good. A new member decided to buy us lunch tomorrow because it's my birthday. Then we'll probably knock on some doors for about an hour. Then we'll try and visit a few people. Then after that we have correlation meeting and the ward mission leader, Bro. Berry, usually feeds us a good meal. So I think that means that we might postpone my birthday dinner till Friday. Haven't decided where we're going to go for dinner. I'm thinking either Italian or Chinese. I have till Friday so I'll figure it out later.

Your racket ball posse has grown quite a bit. I think you might be able to start your own club pretty soon.

We had quite an adventure today. This morning the Blackwood Elders picked us up and we went and played basketball like on every other P-day. After basketball we decided to go pick up our dry cleaning. However, on our way out right as I locked and closed the door I realized that I had left my keys and the phone and my wallet inside. "DOH!" Elder Draper had assumed that I had my keys so he didn't have his keys either. So we got locked out of our appartment. We tried to knock on the landlords door but no one was home. We tried to find a way to climb up and get on the roof to get in but none of the trees were sturdy enough. Then we tried to 'card' the door but the weathering strip was too thick so that didn't work. Then we started to ask the neighbors if we could borrow a ladder so we could break in to our house. They didn't know us very well so they thought we were just a couple of kids trying to break into someone elses house. So that didn't work. Then we went to the nearest member's house to see if we could borrow their ladder or if they didn't have one at least we could call someone who did have one we could borrow. Sadly none of the members that were close by were home. So then we were trying to put our minds together to try to figure out how we can get back in our house. We were close to a Walmart so we decided to go and get some tools. Luckily Elder Draper had his wallet with him so he bought a ladder and a flat-head screwdriver. Then we walked all the way back home. We walked about 4 miles today (or felt like it). We were dead tired when we got back. We had played basketball for 2 and 1/2 hours and then walked 4 miles, 2 of those miles we were carrying a ladder. So we got back to the apartment and I climbed up on the roof. I found a window that was unlocked and I opened it. I had to bust the screen, but its better than breaking down the door. Afterwards I passed out for about an hour on my bed and then we got our showers and went about to finish our errands. So now I can say that I've broken into a house before. Luckily the window was right by a tree so the damaged screen isn't noticable unless you look for it. We're going to replace it by the beginning of next month before anyone notices.

Oh and I had to buy a bike a few days ago at Walmart. My other bike broke. I was trying to pedal accross an intersection and my chain broke as well as my derailer. I took it to the shop and they said that it would be about 80 dollars to fix. I didn't think it was worth it to spend that much money on an old bike that has been used for who knows how long. So we went and I got a new bike from walmart with a warranty for about 80 dollars.

I got your package today! Thank you very much! The pants fit perfect. I'm wearing a pair as I type. I already ate the croissants. They were way good! Elder Draper got some water balloons for his birthday as well so I think we might have to have a water balloon fight next week. Thanks for the Birthday card as well. And thank you for the riding gloves. I was thinking of buying some earlier, but didn't have the money. Looks like I don't have to buy them after all!

Well we gotta go get our laundry.

Love you tons!
Zack attack

Friday, May 15, 2009

Prom and stuff

Brother James celebrated his birthday at my house this year. Can you figure out how old he is?

John and Melinda Prom 2009
K, here is the picture from John's prom. He said that although his plans didn't go exactly as he had hoped, he had an awesome time!

No pics, but Dave, Jake and John showered me with flowers for Mother's Day! The roses bloomed out, but the rest still look awesome! Dave fixed me breakfast and dinner...very nice!
I also got to talk to Zack for over an hour. It was so good to hear his voice! He is doing great!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey Mom!

Hey Mom!~

The weather has finally turned wet! It has been raining off and on for the last couple of weeks and the temperature keeps changing. One day its 94 degrees and the next it 61. Its quite an experience. You'd think that the rain would clean everything, but in fact it makes everything dirty. The back tire always throws mud and crud up at my back. It is kind of annoying sometimes when you're trying to keep your appearance clean.
Thank you for sending me at least ONE picture of John's date. I was disappointed that he failed to send me ANY. He looks good in that picture.

This week was busy. We found lots of people to teach, but our appointments fell through. We did get to teach a fellow named Randy. We found him while we were looking for a Less-active family. He's pretty cool. He has a HUGE stereo system. I was impressed. He seems like a solid gent.

I just realized that Mother's day was on the weekend so I can call you for free. So I can pretty much call you when ever I want. So, Plan A: Call you at 2pm mountain time. I hope you don't have anything going on then. Plan B: Try your cell. And if that doesn't work... well I guess you'll have to wait till December! lol! JK. As a back up, Plan C: I'll call later in the night. Plan D: Work something out with President. Sounds good? ok good. Just wanted to get your approval.
I am also atingle to talk to you on Sunday!
I've just finished the story of Ammon and the sons of Mosiah when they go teach the Lamanites.

Well thats pretty much all I hope to report this week. Talk to you soon!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

YES! I did it!!!

I finally lost my first 10 lbs! My goal was within a month, but yesterday was my 1 month mark and I was 1/10th of a lb short. But I went running this morning and burned enough off to get to my first goal! I was also very excited that Molly did not roll in a dead animal again, requiring me to give her another bath! She did get a squirt off because she ran through the mud puddles in the sand pit and I just gave her another bath yesterday!

Wendy and I kicked a little racquetball butt yesterday! We played girls against the guys and beat them twice! It was challenging and fun!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prom preview!

John asked Melinda to Prom. They are on their "Day Date" now. He makes this tux look good!

4 Wheeler update: Dave was able to weld the 4 Wheeler back together, but still working on getting in running. Nephew Scot is hooking us up with some parts, so maybe in a couple weeks...(fingers crossed). Congrats Scot for getting EMT certified! I took that course and know how challenging it is! Awesome Bud!