Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to the office...

Hey Mom!

You'll never guess where I am! I'm in the office again! And I'm back in Moorestown once again. The APs are living with us, once again. I started in Moorestown when they first moved in. Then they left. Now they're back...Again! I don't know what's going to happen with them this transfer. I guess I could ask them later tonight. I'm still the district leader. This transfer is gonna get hairy... We were supposed to get 2 new missionaries, but one broke his foot in the MTC and the she couldn't get her visa. And then a missionary who had to go home to have an operation, was also to come back, but he has to get the doc's permission before he can come back. So some missionaries are playing musical companions. Elder Belnap is pretty cool. I didn't know him in High school, but Kyle might have.

Here's what we did in Barnegat: This week was good. We ate at the McGuires on Sunday. Bro. Mcguire asked us if we would help him move some heavy/big stuff to his other house because he is moving. His new house is a couple blocks away. We said we could help him out on Monday for a little bit and then we could come back on Tuesday to finish up whatever is left. We had to leave our car at the dealership on Monday to get it fixed. So we had to walk everywhere the past couple of days. We walked to service which was a few miles down the street. We took Terie out the lunch at the Harvest Buffet, Terie's favorite. Terie is an older Japanese lady that the former Elder Okamoto baptized while he was here. She's funny. We had a member give us a ride. Me and Elder Peña were going to split the bill, but Terie insisted, so we her pay for it. It was pretty cheap for 4 people. Then we dropped off Terie at the senior home where she lived and we asked Sis. Brennan (the member that gave us a ride to the buffet) to drop us off at the Mcguires. We helped Bro. Mcguire move some big furniture to his other house. and he bought us lunch at WaWa. Afterwards he dropped us off at Sis. Jackson's house for dinner. She just got a new charcoal grill so she wanted to try it out. She put me in charge of the grill. I didn't know how to cook on a charcoal grill(no one did) so I had to wing it. At first I just dumped the charcoal in and poured a bunch of lighter-fluid on it and lit it. It burned for a bit, but then it went out. So I put some more lighter-fluid on there and again after a while it burned out. I tried again, this time I decided to read the instructions and it said to make a pyramid out of the coals. Well some of the coals were already hot, so I couldn't do that very well because I didn't have anything to pick up the coals with except a couple of sticks. I did the best I could to get it into a pile and it started to burn better and faster. Eventually the coals started to get ashy like they're supposed to. It was taking a long time so Sis. Jackson decided to broil the steaks for a few minutes and then finish them up on the grill. The instructions said that once the coals are mostly ashy, to spread the coals and start cooking. So I did just that. I put the steaks on there for 2 minutes with the lid on since Sis. Jackson . It was smoking a bit, but we thought that was normal. We pulled them off and they got charred. I felt bad so I took the most charred one. Then Yesterday we helped Bro. Mcguire in the morning until the afternoon. He dropped us off at the library where we were meeting the Tom's River Sisters to talk about our investigators. It didn't take long, so they dropped us off at our apartment so they would have some idea of where it was. After that we packed up our stuff and then it was time for our dinner appointment with the Rasmussen family. Bro. Rasmussen picked us up and then we went and ate dinner. After dinner we shared a short message and then took some pics. Before we left I asked Bro. Rasmussen if I could see his gun collection (He used to be in the army). He said it was OK. He started off with the pistols and worked his way up. He has a Desert Eagle(50 cal pistol) He also has a .50 cal. rifle(not a Barrett, but their competitor I forget the name). He said each bullet for the .50 caliber rifle was $14. Super Expensive! He said the gun itself was only $8K and the scope he had on it was about $2K(might as well go all out right?). He had other guns in there too. He had a couple of black powder rifles, an old 12 gauge, and some other various guns. He also had an SKS and an AR15. I know you probably don't care about that kind of stuff, but Dad might. I guess I'll tell him about it later.

I saw Sis. Nieves at transfers and she said that she was getting baptized pretty soon. I'll probably try to go to that.

Where did the Carlsons and Stambaughs go?

If it's OK with Dad, I'm thinking of fixing up that bike and using it, if it works.

Also, thanks for the updates!

Love yous, (Jersey accent)


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