Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hope, Dream, Wish, Believe, Gratitude.

I saw this in the gift shop in Tillamook, Oregon.

I love the phrase...Love bravely.

Hope of

In our best moment...
we understand that
our vulnerabilities
are what connects us
That there is beauty
in every step of the journey
that we love bravely
offer comfort to our younger
  broken selves
and soar, always soar
on the brightness
of being alive.


unspoken or not,
are living whispers
inside our hearts
A whole life's potential
lies in the spaces
between these whispers.
Our dreams want us to say yes
to speak their truth.


My wish for you
is that you embrace
every ebb and flow
That you feel the full
breath of possibility.
That you listen to what
is calling you.


Time.  Devotion.
Tomorrow.  Hope.
lost opportunities and
silver lining mistakes.
when we finally begin.
when we let go.
when we leap fearlessly.
everything shapes us.


May we always 
be connected
in our 
and may you
always know
how deeply
you are loved.
how your heart 
is never alone.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love you Aunt Betty!

Aunt Belva, Momtella, Aunt Betty 12/11

Today, my Aunt Betty Jackson left this side of the veil and went to be with her dear husband, whom she has lived without for 40 years.  She has looked forward to this day for about as I long as I can remember.  Every time a family member would pass on, she would wish she could have traded them places.  Now she is with her true love.  I am so happy for her...but I will miss that beautiful smile and her wonderful laugh.

Thanks for being part of my life!  Love and hugs!

Jackson Reunion

Grandpa Jackson's 117th Birthday!  Every year we hold the Jackson reunion as near to his birthday as possible.  The Bailey's sponsored it this year at Jerusalem.

Brett was sporting his hairy face.

Riker loved chewing on the corn cob!  Mmmmm (that's what he said!)

Two cute kids! (Sam & Lily)

There was kissing and stuff!

Lots of good food and even more flies!

Cute Girls!

Rod and his girl!

Jeff and J.L.

It was great to see everyone!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Sorry about the lack of posts!  Since they put me in Young Women's I have no time to blog!  Not that we've had nothing to blog about...We've had campouts and trips I would like to share...but I have just a few more hours to get ready for Girls Camp, after a fun weekend at the cabin at Strawberry reservoir and some great 4 wheeling trips with my boys and Caitlin...then a river trip with the Sweets!  Let's just say it's time to feel the joy again...of having my family around me and loving being together.  Hopefully, things will slow down a bit so I can fill you in!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zack's Wedding!

April 27th, Zack added another person to our family!  Formerly, Caitlin Hall, now Caitlin Holladay!  She's a sweetie and most important, the boys all love her! 

I love Zack's face in this pic!  It's like he's saying:  Look what I found!  A Wife!

As soon as they came out, all of Caitlin's sisters swarmed Zack! 
Cait has 4 sisters and Zack has 4 brothers! 

...so of course, the boys had to give the welcome hug to Caitlin!

Here's the group that made it to the temple.

I like this one of the guys with Cait.

Just can't stop smiling! :)

Two awesome guys!

The wedding line up.

Then he left me without even saying goodbye!

Then, after almost missing the boat because he forgot his Birth Certificate, they finally made it on their honeymoon on a short Mexico cruise!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zack and Caitlin to be Married!

I'm slow, I know, but this has been a very busy few months!  Zack (oldest) got engaged to Caitlin Hall in January, and they will be wed this Friday!  She's a sweetie and we love her...especially Spencer and Mike like her (which is saying alot!)! 

My head is spinning and I may have forgotten or had no idea how to get your address to send invites to some of you...so please forgive me.  We also ran out of envelopes so some were sent a little late.  If you didn't get an invitation and want to come to the reception, leave a message and I will get you the information!

Mike decided to strike out on his own a couple of weeks ago...not quite finished with school yet, but he is trying to finish.  He is one stubborn boy!  As far as I know, he is doing ok.  I heard he was going to prom next Saturday.

I'm having a little separation anxiety...did not expect Mike to leave this soon.  It's exciting to see Zack moving on to the next step in his life...fun to see him learn about budgeting and what it really costs to live on your own without any subsidies.

Grandma Holladay moved back in with us the end of March.  She is enjoying not having to climb the stairs several times a day.  We have been down visiting her daughter, Joyce a couple times because she broke her arm and dislocated her shoulder riding on a Segway and hit a curb.  We got her a new hearing aid and she can communicate so much better!  When we got her for a month in February, we had to write on a dry erase board to communicate! 

I got the bathroom painted and put up some wainscot and painted Spencer's old room and put up some trim.  It's a yellow color and the guys don't like it...but it's my room and I like it very much! 

I was put in as Young Women's first counselor...whole new world for me!  I'm trying to get to know 13 beautiful young women!  They are amazing!  Tomorrow I am going to see a play that one of them is in! 

Well, that's all for now...I need to make a list for my sweet friends who are helping me in the kitchen on Friday.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Who'd a thought...

Once there was a forest of gold and red
With leaves brilliantly gleaming through the day.
But once the night’s moon rose its glaring head,
Darkness settled in, with no room for day.
Long branches creaked as howling winds rushed through.
Trees danced across the floor with silent sounds.
And life went on, though darkness knew not who.
Yet shadows searched, though light could not be found.
With mourning, darkness hung its weary head.
Imploring for the light to enter in.
It begged its inner hunger to be fed,
For mornings light to help the day begin.
Once again the brilliant light shimmers through,
And red and golden leaves begin anew.

by J. Spencer Holladay (age 14)

Spencer wrote this while I was at the caucas meeting.  It was an English assignment. 
He got an A!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update--Wow a whole month went by!

I should really update this blog!

Ok...here's a tidbit of updates...

Zack is getting married on April 27th...this year...as far as I know!  We love Caitlin and are looking forward to having her as the newest Mrs. Holladay!  They will probably live in Orem, Utah while they both finish school.

Zack is working for Wasatch Electric, not taking any classes this semester, but will get right back into it next semester.  He is staying with Caitlin's grandparents during the week because they live so close to his work and his work is so far from home...currently.  Caitlin and I miss him very much!

John is going to college to become an EMT/Fireman.  I believe he wants to fly helicopters with one hand and take care of patients with the other!  His best friend, Austin, is taking the classes with him and Austin is getting married in May.

Mike is still working a Kohlers and he is trying to make up some classes so that he can graduate this year.  He likes a girl who just moved to Payson.  (45 minutes drive).  He decided to see if the van would make a good 4 wheeler and got it stuck in the mud.  Had to call a tow truck to get it out.  Insurance paid the first $75...Mike gets to pay the rest!

Spencer...still in school, following his father's footsteps...as far as the computer!

Grandma Holladay is staying with us this month!  We are getting used to each other again!  She is on oxygen and her health has deteriorated since she left last year...but I can still get her to smile!  I think she has been depressed for a while...probably because she can't hear a thing anymore!  It's gotta be frustrating not to be able to communicate like you used to!  I have to keep a white board handy so I can talk to her.  We will be seeing about getting her fixed up tomorrow...poor thing!

No trips or anything planned in the near future (except the wedding!).  I just like staying home right now...and that's ok.

I still work out and play racquetball, still go to the temple and my friend, Leslie, has been coming over and organizing my cupboards and closets (sooo awesome!).  She did my pantry (found some lost treasures in there!), most of my kitchen cupboards and tackled the disaster of a storage closet I have downstairs!  She told me I would have empty shelves when she was finished.  I didn't believe her...but I do!  She has a hyper adrenaline currently and she is organizing my house for therapy!  (SCORE!!)  I told her I hope she makes it though my entire house before they find a cure!

We are all good here.  How about you?