Monday, February 26, 2007


Jake, Zack, John

John & Jake

John @ Lake Powell

The doctor's are in!

Best Buds!
I just learned how to use my scanner. Here's some cute pictures of Jake and John.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This is just too cute!

What a hoot! I looked out the back door when we had our trampoline up and these two were checking out the girls over the back fence.

Zack is expecting!!

This is to announce that Zack is expecting a new baby about the end of March. He is not sure of the sex of the baby, so he is going to name it Pat, or Mel, or Erin, or Sam..we're open for suggestions. I offered to give him a baby shower, but he said he wouldn't need anything.

He has a Family Life class at school and he will be a daddy for a couple days. This should be fun!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teenage Dating

So my 17 yo son, Zack, got asked on a date. Her dress was tan, so instead of his suit, which is green, Zack opts for his tan dress pants. He only has white dress shirts, which are fine for church, but not so cool for a dance. He bought a cool leather jacket and was going to wear that on his date. I talked him in to buying a colored dress shirt and we found a tie that would pull all the colors together. Being a mom, I wanted Zack to look great, so I decided I had better iron his clothes for him so he didn't look like he came right out of the package. I noticed a little wrinkle on his tie, so I thought I would give it a quick press. Did you know you can't put a hot iron on silk?!

Luckily, one of our neighbors hordes ties and had another tie that would work for his date.

He's holding a bag of kisses with a card that reads: These are the only kisses my mom will let me give out until after my mission. Here's a whole make-out session. Thanks for the fun date....