Thursday, August 16, 2007

Molly got in the Newspaper!

I thought this was really funny! This was actually the top story, front page news for the Lehi Paper!

Parks Committee member steps down

Cathy Allred photo Rose Holladay and her dog Molly walk along one of their favorite trails, the Jordan River Parkway in Lehi. Holladay was one of the original members of the Lehi Parks and Trails Committee eight years ago and continues to serve on the Lehi Trails Day subcommittee and as historian.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer's almost over?

Sweet Family Camp Out

This is John wearing one of the kid's shark mask.

It seems like where ever we go, Jake and John have to build something. Here they are at the Bear Lake building a mote with their cousin, Brad.

This is my brother Jeff (light shirt) and Dave. It was overcast so you can't see his face very well.

This is my sister, Fern, "sucking it in"

This is my mom chasing the balls, trying to keep them from blowing away.

We had a fun time. We missed Carrie, Zack, Adam and Shelly and Tyson.

The food was good as was the entertainment. Sam gave a very "Sweet" thank you to all the men in the family that had influenced the man he has become. Audrey and Angela sang a song, Rod's girls demonstrated their softball skills, Shauna's kids sang some songs, James and Jeff said a few words, and Fern's family did Kazoo hymns. I told a couple stories about some of our Sweet ancestors, Aunt Belva told some of her history and mom shared some of her personal history.