Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zack's Missionary Farewell

We will be having a Missionary Farewell for Zack on July 12th at 6:30 p.m. at our house. I'm trying to get invitations out, but if I don't make it, use this one. Pot luck salad or dessert. We are hoping to get some of Mom's famous ├ęclairs, so if nothing else, come for those!

We are hoping to celebrate Grandpa Jack's 93rd birthday earlier in the day. Lots of parties in one day, but we do the best we can. (Grandpa Jack is feeling much better these days. He went to church for the first time since he was hospitalized the first time).

Zack's "Last opportunity to speak" is at 11:00 a.m. at our church (1020 E. 1900 N., Lehi), July 13th (he will be the last speaker if you need to come late you won't miss him). He reports to the MTC on July 16th at noon. You are all welcome to come on the 13th, but we will not be having a get-together on that day, per the request of the First Presidency. If you can't come to both, we understand. If you can only come to one event, please come to the Farewell on the 12th so you have time to visit, wish him well and share some memories that you have had with Zack. If you can't make either one, please leave your well wishes or words of advice in the comment section of this blog and I will make sure he gets them.

We are trying to squeeze in a few more fun trips together before he leaves. He is still working part time at Modus and a little for Aunt Joyce.

Yard work

So here is an update of my garden and side yard. The tomatoes are finally coming on pretty good. As you can see the grass is in and trying to take root and merge in with the other grass.

This is a picture of my beans that are coming up. I planted yellow squash and a few mini pumpkins in the barrels and on the other side of the window well, but I didn't mark them so I guess I will just have to be surprised we the veggies come on the vines.

The roses are finally coming on. A little late in the season, but they really smell great!

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Project

OK, this isn't a new project, it's an old project that we are finally getting to. The liner in our shower had a big rip in it and it has been dripping for years. We had a plumber out to look at it and he said we would have to rip out the whole floor of the shower to fix it. Well, it wasn't just the tile we (Dave and Zack) had to remove; there was also about 3 inches of concrete they had to get out. We had to take the cultured marble off the walls because the glue they used to glue them to the walls was not working. We are thinking of replacing it with tile. The floor is deteriorated a little under the shower wall, so we may need to take that out to replace the flooring underneath.

As you can see. The floor had deteriorated so much, I easily punched a hole it it when I tried to remove the wood used for the threshold. I told Dave I would like to take out the bathtub and put in some drawers and shelves on one side and a cushioned seat on the other. I want to tile the bathroom area. Dave would like to get a deeper jet tub.

This is a picture of most of our shower pieces sitting in the bathtub. It's not a pretty sight!

Here is my nice new surprise for Spencer's Birthday! Our table was falling apart and the chair had long last bit the dust, so Spencer and I went shopping and we decided get this set. You can see I replaced my bar stools with these fun stools that you can adjust the height on. You can also use them at the table if you have more than 6 guests. It has a butterfly leaf in the middle to make it bigger and seats up to 8 people. You can see part of Spencer in the upper right corner of this picture getting a piece of his b-day cake.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Update

Is it really summer? We have been jumping from jackets to shorts all month long. Here is Spencer at the free fishing day at Cabelas. They stocked this huge tub with 300 fish. We left around 11:00 and only about 10 fish had been caught by that time. They were all just sitting there at the bottom of the tub. Not a successful fishing event, but we got a free hat!

Michael gave himself his yearly shaving. He was brave enough to let Spencer do the back for him. I had him use a bigger comb on the shaver so it wouldn't be so short, but he changed it out when I had by back turned. I guess I won't have to cut it again for the rest of the summer.

The boys (twins) didn't get jobs yet, so they are going to camp this week. They are already getting bored. I tried to talk them into summer school, but they didn't want to commit. Jake was running a fever this morning and Dave stayed home from work to go to the dentist (he got an abscessed tooth over the weekend).

I got my garden in last weekend and planted grass in all the bald spots. I threw some peas in the ground, just in case it wasn't too late. I planted some green beans and a few pumpkins for fall. I have cucumbers, squash and tomatoes planted. I haven't done a garden for a few years, so I hope it works out. I took out most of the weedy soil and put in garden soil from Home Depot. Funny story about that strip of grass. I was headed for Home Depot to pick up some stuff and someone had dropped these pieces off their truck and a policeman was picking them and getting them out of the middle of the road. I asked him if I could have them and he said yes. I wish I could find 6 more pieces to finish off this spot. Mike took out the stones that lead to the faucet, but we can figure out the pattern to put them back yet (Oops).This corner doesn't get watered by the sprinkler head so I planted this lilac bush and a couple pretty flowers. I love this calla lily! It was little droopy when I first put it in, but it has perked right up. Dave is going to put a drip system in from the other side of the fence to keep it watered.