Saturday, December 13, 2008


Zack is still at the same address:
Elder Zack Holladay
150 West Ave., Apt. 202
Woodstown, NJ 08098

Dearest favorite mom,

Dirt and grease really shows up on our new stove. I don't think it matters what color the stove is, it still shows up... We have a white stove in our apartment and you can still see the dust and grease just as well as on our old black stove. How old is the dryer? Its probably close to my age or older because I remember it being at the old house in West Valley. (I used to kick it while I was going potty and then you'd yell at me to stop) [kicking that dryer is more fun than you think...].

I can't remember all the songs we're singing. I know that one of them is Pacabel's Canon/The First Noel. there were 3 songs(I think), but that was the one we focused on last week.

Our talks on Sunday were about member missionary work, and how "easy" it was. I left out a lot because I was nervous. I hate giving talks. but people came up to me and told me it was a good talk, so I guess it was OK...

Oh and we haven't moved. We are staying in Woodstown. Same address. The sisters are moving to Pennsville. We just have to sort out how to divide up the ward between us. We have to keep Salem, because the Sisters can't go there. it might get tricky, but we'll figure something out. We haven't met the sisters yet, but I know that one of them is named Sister Thomas, and she is training a greenie.

Japanese is much more difficult than I expected. I learned from Elder Okamoto that when the characters for different words are arranged differently, it means completely different things. (I.E. the character for 'light' preceded by the character for 'tree' has a different meaning than 'light' preceded by the character for 'language') so I have more to learn than just the meaning of the character. It's slow, but I'm getting there. Elder Okamoto said that I could be a missionary in Japan because I learned the alphabet in about 3 weeks. The missionaries that go to Japan learn it at the MTC in 3 months. Also if I go into Computer programming, Japanese would be good to learn.

Sister Carter was in a play/drama/pageant last Saturday and one of our investigators took us to see it. It was very well put together. I liked it, and so did our investigator. the only thing that I thought could have been better was the technical difficulties. the mics went out sometimes so it was hard to hear, and the lights didn't cooperate sometimes.

Well I gotta go!
Wish I could email more,

Elder Holladay

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