Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun times!

We have been busy having fun this week.

Thursday, after a big snow, my lunchosociety friends and I had lunch at Applebees. It started out with a friend, Diana, who was laid up in bed with a bum foot with no way to come down stairs for food. I told her I would trade her a RS lesson for lunch (because I miss talking about the gospel with the sistas). We added our dear friend, Iva and we have saved lots of money on therapy! lol We have some awesome conversations about the gospel and life in general.

Diana has a huge dog, a great daine. She was telling us yesterday that the dog was following them to the front of the house when his harness got caught on on the Christmas tree. The dog, Jack, started dragging the Christmas tree across the room. When Diana heard the commotion, she turned around and instead of commanding Jack to stop or sit, she kept yelling, "Jack!, Jack!" Jack was so excited to obey and come, he pulled harder and harder to get to Diana. Of course the tree toppled over with a few ornament fatalities and the top of the tree landed on her daughter. I was laughing so hard, imagining the whole show and wishing they had caught it on tape.

Today Dave and I had the pleasure of having lunch with my brother, James. James just got back from a fun trip to Hawaii with his 2 kids. He kept the destination from his 8 y.o. and had a great time helping him decide where they were going to go, if they should drive or fly. When they got to L.A., they discovered that mysteriously, L.A. was too full to stay there and they would have to take another plane somewhere else. Nick thought they were going to Las Vegas, so James' friend, was making a big deal of how awesome it was that they put an ocean in Las Vegas when they got off the plane. Too funny!

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