Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just have to share...

Just had to share this short note the Emily posted on her blog. The picture on the left is me and Emily playing the guitar and singing "Called to Serve". The bottom picture is me and the primary kids singing a song I couldn't play on my guitar, so Sister Spencer was playing the piano in the other room. The other picture is the me with the Heaps family singing "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". It was so sweet it was all I could do not to choke up during the song.

Written by Emily: It was fun. I had fun playing the guitar. At the end we got to have cookies! Cambry came, Angie Johnson came and Grandpa and Grandma Heaps, Grandma and Grandpa Whiting,Katie and her dad came and Sister Spencer.

Sister Holladay is my teacher. She played the guitar and I love her.

It was a special program because people got to come and it was at my house.

Awe! Precious!


Heaps Family said...

I really don't know how anyone can fill your shoes next year! How can they be like you? You have been so intune to Emily's needs. You have been so patient, kind and loving even when Emily wasn't this way back! You have given so much more then a primary lesson. You come prepared and listen to what the spirit tells you to teach, you sing like an angel and teach Emily to do the same, you have given her one of the most precious gifts on earth...your heart! Thank you for EVERYTHING! You have given us all an amazing example of what one person can do when they are on the Lord's errand. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Rose said...

Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes we have to be the "Inn Keeper" for those who are traveling that hard road of life. I cannot take away the pain, anxiety, or hardship, nor rid you of your trials. But I can help you to know that God is mindful of your needs and loves you very much, just as the inn keeper did for Jesus' parents.

I must admit that some of the Lord's errands He has sent me on were not that fun, but this one I have really loved! I don't know which angel was in charge of this primary class, but they sure did an awesome job of letting me know exactly what to do and say, and with more convincing than on any other "errand" that I have undertaken. They even overruled the bishop in releasing me early!

I can't find the words to express what an awesome feeling it is to be a thread of the tapestry that becomes the Life of the Heaps Family. You have an amazing family! I do feel loved when I am in your home...even Leo loves me! LOL

It is truly an honor to be a Primary Teacher, to be Emily's Primary Teacher, to be a partner with heavenly beings who orchestrate this wonderful time we have here, to prove ourselves and to help others along the way...sometimes we are the shepherds, who protect watch over the flock. Sometimes we can be the Wise Men who bless others with our gifts. Sometimes we can be the angels who bring unexpected blessings and show tender mercies. And sometimes, we are the Inn Keepers