Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A note from Zack 12/31/08

Hey Mom!
It was great to talk to you on Christmas, even though the length of the call was almost twice as long as it was supposed to be...(oops).
Elder Okamoto said that he was going to give the tie to one of the members ( I think he was kidding).

YOU JOINED FACE BOOK??? WAHHHHHH????????? I never thought I'd see the day...
Sis. Carter has been pretty busy lately. Between work, visits with her kids, and church stuff, its hard to visit her sometimes.
Did you get the pictures from Sis. Ashford? I accidentally kept giving her your old phone number, because I forgot that you were using MY phone. lol I figured out eventually though.
I bet its good sleddin' at Uncle Jack's. Did they ever get the snowmobile back up and running or did they sell it? Tell Uncle Jack I said Hi!
Aunt Belva calling me at 2:20 a.m.: HAHA! Aunt Belva is so funny! such a practical joker!

Yeah I figured dad to be a one project a day person. what with his age and all. I wouldn't expect him to do more... :P Maybe if you say that you're going to go do it yourself, he'll shape up?
I think you did play the Havens racquetball one time. It was probably like a year or so ago. If I remember correctly, you guys won, but I wasn't actually there, so I don't know. If I were there, I'd win though.
Tell me: Did the boys actually dance? (that would be kind of a miracle) I think when I get back, you just might be able to beat me on the Wii (if it still works by then) [Wow... Mom being able to beat me at video games....*shudder*]

For New Years tonight, I plan on staying in our apartment. I taught Elder Okamoto how to play chess, so we'll probably play chess till bed time. He's actually pretty good. He wins every once in a while. I finally got him motivated to paint that picture that you wanted with me and Jesus. He said that he wants to paint it today and send it to you by this weekend.
well I got some more emails to do, so I'll talk to you next year!
Elder Holladay

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