Thursday, December 25, 2008

My favorite Gift!

I just got my phone call from Zack! It was so great to talk to him, finally! He said there is still no snow in New Jersey, but it is cold and he is staying warm enough and well fed. His ward gave him a bunch of "junk food"(apparently at least a years supply), and some toothpaste and soap, etc. We sent him a digital photo frame with tons of pictures from home on it. He said it was perfect! I also sent some socks and ties and some for Elder Okamoto. One of the ties I sent to Elder Okamoto had Japanese writing on it. I got it from the Missionary Mall, but no one there knew what it said. When Elder Okamoto opened it he read the tie and started laughing and told Zack that I was pretty funny. When Zack asked him what the tie said, Elder Okamoto replied, "Drink Beer!" It's a good thing he has a sense of humor! I am never buying another thing with foreign writing on it. The last time I did that, it was a swimming suit with a picture of a sailor and some French words on it. My niece asked me if I knew what it said. She told me it said, "Do you want to have a good time!" I never wore that suit again without a t-shirt over it!

Anyways...Zack is doing awesome. He is getting used to missionary life and enjoying it. He is teaching quite a few people right now except during the holiday season most had plans and didn't want to schedule any appointments until after New Years. He loves the area he is in because the members are super nice to the missionaries and he is really feeling at home there.

I didn't think we would talk very long because we e-mail every week and I just got an e-mail from him yesterday, but we ended up talking for a little over an hour. It was great to hear his voice again.

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sam said...

I remember Christmas on a mission being bitter-sweet. Mostly the members and your close companions make it sweet. One of my all time favorites was making Norwegian Christmas Cake with Elder Ronald Top (from Norway). I wonder if I can have him send me that recipe...