Sunday, December 7, 2008

Decorating Grandma's Christmas Tree

Grandma Holladay asked us to come put her tree up and get the decorations on

Michael called us last night while we were out to dinner and told us he shaved his head and forgot to put the attachment on, so he's sporting the winter bald eagle look!

John adding his artistic touch!

Even Grandma helped!

This is the boys sorting out the ornaments and making sure each had a hook on it.

Jake put the first ornament on. Notice the poise and dramatic effects he adds.

The finished product! Way to go guys!


fern said...

looks great!

sam said...

What a good family thing to do! I can just hear Rose laughing (not even trying not to laugh) at Michael for shaving his head. Now he can wear all sorts of hats this winter and not have to worry about his hair.