Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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Long hair missionary pic

Tell Heather I said HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY! What did she get? :P
Tiffany's Baptism was pretty good. The ward turnout was much better, and I had to sing a song with the other missionaries that were there. It was Joseph Smiths First Prayer to Come Thou Fount. I'm trying to learn how to listen to the bass and tenor notes in songs now, so I can sing something other than the melody (cuz sometimes I can't hit the notes). She got confirmed that same day! RJ and Tiffany are going to the ward temple trip this saturday!
Sooo embarrassing ...I accidentally stole a wallet because I thought it was Jake's This guy put his wallet with our stuff at the Rec Center. His wife said this is the 5th time he has lost it! LOL! Its a good thing that guy had an ID in his wallet or it would have been hard to find him!
If Jake and John don't go on a mission, I'll have to give them a hard time about it...
Oh, I got John something from Cowtown. I just have to send it to him. I've been looking for those bracelet linkage-ma-bobs, but no body has any.
How much does spencer know on the piano so far? Who is his teacher? Can he play any songs yet?
Yesterday gas was $2.99.
Dad and Bob got the electric car running. So the Yellow car works? How far does it go? Are you going to buy batteries and drive it when gas goes up again? I told Elder Palmer about it, and he expressed some interest in it. He said that he wanted to fix it up and maybe even modify it to make it better. How much were you going to sell it for? He lives up in Washington by Spokane, so he might have his folks pick it up for him if he can afford it.

Also, Do you have any instrumental music that would be good? We asked Pres. Winegar and he said that soundtracks are ok.

Heard you have a pool at your apt...Yeah we have a pool, but its really gross so I wouldn't want to swim in it anyways. the water is nasty. Yes. I'm healthy and well fed. I think I gained a few pounds too, so no need to worry.
I got to watch to most of General Conference. The only part I missed was the beginning of the saturday morning session because the projector wasn't set up in time. I have found that if you watch conference with a prayerfully considered question, your question will be answered. I took some pretty good notes too. I had to have something to eat during conference so I bought some Jolly Ranchers to share. But there was only a few people there, and they didn't even want any. so now I've got a bag and a half of Jolly Ranchers left. Maybe I'll give some out at Halloween. lol

I started learning spanish again. Hermana Gleed and Sister Whitney are starting a spanish class on tuesday nights during mutual. It kind of bugs me to recognize spanish words that I used to know, but not know what they mean any more. I remember a lot more than I thought though. so far we've learned to pray in spanish.
Well I gotta go. My time is running out...
Elder Holladay

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