Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged again!

I was tagged by Jessica (Thanks Jess!) for my three most embarrassing moments. I guess she doesn't know enough embarrassing things about me!

1. Most recently, I accidentally stole some guys wallet at the gym. I thought it was Jake's because it was sitting on the floor by my racquetball bag so I threw it in the bag and didn't give it to him until bed time. He said, "That's not my wallet!" I finally was able to find the guy on the internet. He had no phone # in his wallet, not listed in the phone book, but his wife had a blog, so I left her a note telling her the situation. What was even more embarrassing was he had to leave on a plane the next morning, but luckily he had a passport to board the plane with. (Note to self: Next time you take a wallet, make sure you check the name on the inside!)

2. The summer after I got married, Dave & I went to Lake Powell with Mark and his friend and I think Dana. I forgot my swim suit (of all things) so I had to buy one at the marina. As you can imagine, they didn't carry any suits that were modest. The most modest one I could find was a one piece that was kinda low cut, but I had nuthin to show, at the time, so I picked that one. We went for a short hike somewhere, and we came to a part where we had to swim across or wade waist deep. I took off my shirt (with my suit underneath, of course) and shoes and started across. The guys swam much faster than me so they reached the other side a lot quicker. Unfortunately, since I didn't have much to show, that also meant I didn't have much to hold the swim suit in place either. Dave noticed this as I was coming out of the water and instead of telling the guys to look the other way he yells, "Rose, your suit!" to which to both got whip lash trying to see what was going on (or off as the case may be)! Thanks Hon!

3. I was swimming at the Deseret Gym, years ago and noticed Pres. Monson swimming laps in the pool. He would swim and swim and swim and then occasionally he would rest in the shallow end. I happened over there when he was taking a rest to say hi to him and these words came out of my mouth..."Hi Elder Monson! I didn't recognize you without your....suit." I almost said, without your clothes on! I'm sure I made a lasting impression on the man who would some day be prophet!

I tag Jill H., Janine, Fern and April


Jess said...

haha! too funny..

fern said...

i don't have a blog, so i can't be tagged- and i have an amazing ability to forget embarrassing moments- so unless you remind me of one, i have nothing to say!!! haha

Rose said...

You can leave your tag in my comments section!

Dustin and Arianne said...

those are too funny!! i have never heard those stories before. i am glad you guys kept grandma company on her bday. we had some flowers and a bday card to take to her, but we didnt make it over. i am glad she was ok with me just calling. i am going to try to make it over to her house this week sometime. thanks for all you do for her we all appreciate it a ton!