Friday, October 10, 2008

Date Night

Dave and I had a date tonight. Dave took me out for a nice dinner, then we went to a musical benefit concert for Emily Heaps.

Some of the amazing talent was from our ward and some were friends of Tamera Bell, who put it all together.

Some of the singers were from the Tab. choir. The talent was amazing! I was pleasantly surprised!

They put together a slide show of Emily's family and of Emily growing up. It was so sweet. At the end, Emily brought out some flowers for Tamera (who not only put it all together, but performed some amazing piano playing, and Ruth Clark, who was the main singer in the program. It was so awesome to see Emily come out at the end, I had to go up and give her a hug. It was great to participate in such a great concert with our neighbors and friends.

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