Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Did you get enough turkey?

If anyone can understand his instructions on the game he describes, let me know. Maybe Jess can figure it out!

Hey Mom!

How's it going?

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week was pretty good. We met with an Investigator last night who used to be a member. He's a talker. I think he might have ADD or something. Dave Isolda is his name. He's an older gentleman. I say he used to be a member because there was some sort of mishap and he accidentally had his records removed. We teach him every Tuesday at the Shipley's. I think we have a long road ahead, but one day he'll enter through the gates of baptism.

We also taught a lady who spoke Portuguese. We had Dave Tafuna with us to translate. Dave is an RM who served in Brazil. He's cool. The lesson took twice as long, because everything had to be said twice, but the lesson went well. The lady wasn't interested in learning about the Book of Mormon though. She's one of those "God is good" type of people. So she's not a new investigator, but there are other people that live in the same house that said they were interested so we're going back on Sunday.

Last Sunday night there was an Interfaith choir concert. There were Jews, Muslim, Protestants, Catholics, and then there was our Stake choir. I thought it was beautiful. Each faith did a couple of songs and then the last song was everyone together. It was a great experience and I think it has helped the people in the area become more unified.

I've recently learned of a new really fun game. It's called Telephone-Pictionary. We play it sometimes for Apartment-Inventory. Everyone has twice the number of people playing, minus one in small pieces paper. So if there are 5 people playing each person has 9 pieces of paper. If there are 4 people playing everyone has 7 pieces of paper. There must be 4 people to play the game.To start, each person writes down something that can be drawn. Then everyone passes their stack of papers to the right or the left (it doesn't matter which way as long as you stay constant for the rest of the game).Then you have to draw what is described. When you're finished drawing, put the beginning description on the bottom of the stack. After everyone is finished drawing, everyone passes the stack of papers again. Now you have to describe the drawing. When you're finished writing your description, put the picture on the bottom of the stack. Then pass the stack of papers again when everyone is finished. Now you have to draw the description. The game goes back and forth between describing and drawing. When the person before you has your original description he/she passes the stack of papers to the person after you. So you won't see your original description until everything is finished. every game begins and ends with a description. You can not look at any of the previous papers in the stack. The game is supa funny! I like to see how it changes as it goes through the chain.

Tomorrow, We're going to play football at the Turkeybowl(with permission of course). It's at the church. Then we have dinner at one with the Rubella's and then we have second dinner at 4? with the Broadbent's (bishop's family)

Tell everyone I said Hi! Eat lots of Turkey for me.




Erika said...

I think I understand what the game is about, lol. Each person gets their assigned sheets of papers (if 4 play, then each player gets 7 sheets of paper, if 5 play, then each player gets 9 sheets of paper, ect.) Each player writes one thing that can be drawn on the first sheet of paper in their stack, then passes their stack to the right or left. Then the person looks at what they were handed and has to draw what is written on a new sheet of paper. Then you pass the drawing to the right or left, and the person with the drawing has to write out a description of what is drawn on a new sheet of paper. You continue with this until you've finished your stack of papers and you get your original back and you see how it progressed. Did that make sense?

Rose said...

OK, that makes more sense!