Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heavenly Milk?

Of all the pictures Zack can send me from New Jersey and he sends me a picture of a milk carton!

Pic: 4% milk! I didn't even know such a thing existed!

Dearest Mother of mine,

Hey I got your letters. I enjoyed them. Especially Spencer's; His was funny. "Dear Zack, I hope you're having a good time, cause it can get pretty boring here." Tell him that I AM having a good time!

This week was great. We had the Ward Christmas Party on Saturday and then there was the Christmas Message from the First Presidency on Sunday. At the Moorestown Ward Christmas Party, we ate first then we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas and the Young Women had a puppet show about the birth of Christ. I learned that Elder Haslam(roommate[AP]) plays the violin well. He and Elder Gleed(roommate[AP]) played a duet. Elder Gleed played the piano and Elder Haslam the violin.

I got a letter from Kyle also. He seems like he's having a good time. I got a letter from JC as well. JC seems to be enjoying himself. He told me he loves to get letters. Especially since he's in the MTC for 9 weeks.

It snowed for the first time this wintry season on Saturday. It was coming down pretty hard for most of the night, but it was all melted in the morning. Also, there's a lake in the parking lot of the church, called lake Moorestown that had dried up previous to the storm. After the storm, Lake Moorestown is once again back in business.

I probably won't recognize the house at all. From all the projects you've done/started, it will be like being transferred to a new house, but in the same location with the same general layout(for the most part). At least the outside still looks the same. Right?

Whoa! A real tree? We haven't had a real tree since the old house in WVC(I think?). Elder Gleed decorated the apartment with the decorations that his family sent him. Every thing is very festive. The Christmas tree already has 2 presents under it.

That was a close call that Spencer answered the door when the package came. I think you're safe though. I don't even know what Peevey is, so I think it's safe to assume that Spencer doesn't either. Maybe.

I still play the guitar when I can. I used to play from the hymnbook a lot, but my companions have gotten tired of the same songs over and over again. I can see why they don't like it so much because there aren't that many hymns. So I try to remember songs that I used to listen to and I try to figure them out on the guitar from memory. Sometimes I try to figure out hymns that aren't in the hymnbook that you sent me. It's hard to play a song that I've figured out, because after a while I forget the fingering and I have to rediscover the fingering.

My schedule is the same as always:

6:30am Get up and exercise

7:00 eat and shower

8:00 Personal study

9:00 Companionship study

10:00am-9:00pm(9:30pm if teaching) Proselyting time, taking an hour for lunch and dinner.

9:30 Daily planning

10:00 write in journal get ready for bed.

10:30pm sleep

We stop by the office for about an hour a day when ever we feel like it or when it's most convenient except Thursday and Sunday. We don't go in on Sunday. and Thursday we're there until 6PM.

In the office there is usually the Taylors(Senior couple) and us. The AP's usually aren't there except on Thursdays and other days with meetings. On Thursdays in the morning there are 7 people. In the afternoon there are 9 people the 7 plus the Winegars.

We don't actually see the AP's all that much. Just in the mornings and evenings and sometimes when we both have a meal appointment with a member and on Thursdays for staff meeting. They're cool though. We get along well.

If you called the Office at lunch time, Sis. Taylor would probably answer it. If she's not there, then maybe someone else would answer it, but the Taylors are in the Office more than we are. They're here all day every weekday.

We are down to 78 missionaries I think. There will be a lot going home on the 21st. President Winegar said that we wouldn't reach the number we're supposed to be at until Summer of 2010.

So far we don't have anything planned for Christmas except stay home and have fun and go eat at Vai Sikahema's house. Have you heard of Vai Sikahema? He's actually a sports broadcaster on one of the news channels. He used to play football for the Philadelphia Eagles. He's awesome. And he challenged Jose Canseco to a boxing match for some charity organization. Canseco got knocked out in less than 30 seconds. I think you can watch the fight on youtube if you want.

So let me get this straight. For Christmas, you want me to send you:

1. A video of all of us singing

2. Pic of me in my Holladay shirt

3. Pic of me in my suit from the waist up taken outside when it's not raining or snowing

What are your plans for Christmas?

How much snow have you gotten so far?

What is Jake and John's weekly income?(if any)

I think this one's long enough, so I'll just close it.

Love ya!


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