Monday, December 21, 2009

Did I skip last weeks letter?

Apparently Zack did not receive my e-mail before he sent his. And don't worry, I was able to set him straight on which day Christmas will land this on.

Hey mom!

How's it going?

Everything is going pretty good here.

I learned who my new companion is going to be. His name is Elder Howard. I've served around him a little bit, but I don't know too much about him yet. He's from Missouri. I think they've sent out the Christmas cards with the pics of all the missionaries, so you should be able to see what he looks like.This transfer is crazy. Since we're losing so many missionaries and not getting many back, we have to combine zones and areas and whatnot. They're combining Spanish and English zones so we're down to 4 zones in the mission, two in each stake. They're also changing sister areas to Elder areas and vice versa. I'm being transferred to the Moorestown area. Its in the same ward as I'm in now. The Moorestown area used to be the AP area, but they got transferred further south. Elder Gleed and Elder Haslam(APs) were assigned to the new Singles branch that just opened not too long ago. So they cover the whole Stake now. I'll still live at the same apartment, I'm just covering the other half of the ward now.Elder Pfost and Elder B Johnson(I think) are being transferred to the Riverside/Edgewaterpark area(the area I'm in now) They'll be on bikes. Oh and I'm still in the Office as King Companion. I won't be doing the referrals any more. I'll be doing everything else. Such as: ordering and organizing the supply orders for the mission, making the departing slide show, making transfer cards, making the newsletter, and anything else that needs to be done.

This week has been/will be busy. We've got stuff going on everyday except Saturday which is the least busiest day this week. Today I have to send out all my Christmas cards and we have to go shopping and finish the departing slide show. then we have appointments from 5-9. Then tomorrow we'll be at the Office all day. Then on Friday we have a move in the morning and a Christmas Party at the Berry's in Cherry Hill 1st Ward in the evening.Saturday is ward correlation with Bro. Cleveland and there's a "Mormon" night at his house later that evening. Then Sunday we have church in the morning, and Transfer Meeting in the evening. Monday we have another move to do. Tuesday we have... oh I guess Tuesday is free too because of the Christmas Activity on Wednesday. Then Thursday may or may not be a P-day. I'm not sure yet. Then Friday is Christmas Eve. Then Saturday is Christmas.

The package you sent was delivered to the office, but I won't get it until the Christmas Activity. But THANKS!

That's all I have that's really report worthy.

Love ya!


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