Monday, November 23, 2009

Zack update!

Hey Sister H!

Yep I'm in the office. Not because of something I did, but because of things I can do. Like fix stuff. I had my work cut out for me when I got there. One of the computers was making funny noises and was really sluggish. Elder Packer thought the hard-drive was dieing. He was afraid to use it. Upon further examination, I discovered that the power-supply fan was just a little noisy. The power supply may need to be replaced eventually. Also, the hard-drive needed to be defragmented.

Being in the office is pretty cool. They DO have the best missionaries there (duh.cuz I'M there!lol). The Winegar's aren't usually at the office. I think their office is at their house. So far they've only been here on Thursdays for staff meeting. We're basically Vice-Assistants to the President. We do what ever President needs us to do if the Assistants are unable to do something. My job is to update the media referrals or referrals that come from the MTC. It's kind of tedious, but it needs doing. Elder Packer does basically everything else. He makes the slide-shows and orders supplies and makes CD's. Just various tasks. We don't actually go to the Office too much. Usually, we work for a couple of hours in the office then we get to the field. Except on Thursday which is staff meeting day. Then we don't get out until late in the afternoon.

We are a little bit far from the office. The office elders used to be in Vorhees which is a little bit closer, but some of the previous Elders that had been in the office had used the excuse of being in the office all day so they didn't have to go out and work. The area basically died. So President decided to move the office elders to Burlington with the APs to try to bring Vorhees back to life. Or something to that effect.

I guess Kyle is er... I mean Elder Joyner is in the MTC now huh? That's exciting. How was the breakfast? I heard that they don't do the movie thing anymore because of the swine flu. Someone brought it to the MTC during one of those goodbye-meetings and I guess it spread like wild fire. So now they don't do that anymore to prevent sicknesses from entering the MTC. I think its lame, but I can see why they do it like that now.

What are you going to put down as floor for the kitchen? You should rearrange some walls and doors of the house too. and get new railing for the stairs. Then move the furniture to look funky. Did the down stairs ever get completed? I know there was baseboards and other stuff that needed to be put up. They were there, when I left, they just needed to be nailed in. Oh and what happened to the storage room(s)?

They have racquetball tournaments? Where are those held? Good luck! Maybe dad should be in it too. He's pretty good.

Yup that's pretty much it for now.


Love, Zack

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