Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elder Zackattackinator

Hey Momdabomalongabingbong! I like that name. I just made it up!

Sorry about not replying to your last emails. I didn't get ANY mail last week. Not even from President and Sister Winegar. It was weird. I think everything is straightened out though. President Winegar told me that the church would be making a huge update to the email system sometime between November and December. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Hey thanks for the package! I wore the shirt that Grandma Holladay gave me to a service project-raking leaves. Sis. Winegar thought it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE! She asked me if there was actually a Holladay University. I told her I didn't know. So the shirt is a total hit! I also bought a larger thumbdrive to store everything on. I filled up the other ones so I bought an 8 GB. It was only $14. which isn't bad considering that that one I sent you(1 GB) was $5. Also the Brownies were Jolly good! they were gone in 5 minutes.

Also Thanks for the addresses for Kyle and JC. I actually got a letter from Kyle not too long ago. I just sent his letter this morning.

I had a good Thanksgiving. We played flag football in the morning with some people in the ward. The 4 teams were fairly even except one team was stacked with a bunch of RMs that played football for college. We achieved victory the first game, but we lost the second game by one point against the pro football team. After football we went home to get cleaned up. Then we went the the Rubella's for Thanksgiving lunch. It was the fasted Thanksgiving meal I've ever had. Everyone was finished eating and cleaning up within 30 minutes. It was good food. I only had one plate because there was so much food. There was so much food we had Thanksgiving again when we went back later in the week. Then we went the the Broadbents (bishops family) for Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun. I only had one plate there too. After dinner we played telephone-pictionary. They also had a violin that no one could play, so Elder Haslam, who can play the violin pretty well, fixed it and tuned it and played a little bit. Sis. Broadbent brought out her flute and we sung some hymns for a little bit.

You bought Spencer an .......... for Christmas? No way! I want an .......! What kind of .........did you get him?

I think Christmas has been completely commercialized.

Request for Christmas? Sure! I do need like 1 more shirt. I lost a shirt somehow. I'd also request ties. You can never go wrong with ties. Maybe an orange and black one? I don't need any socks. I still have some left over from last Christmas. How about a water-resistant folder for my backpack?

Well that's all the time I have this week. We still have some things to do before our teamup with President Winegar tonight.



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