Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Kitchen! ...etc.

I found some Thanksgiving pictures that I forgot to blog, so bear with me as we do this update.
This is an impromtu art display.
That's my kind of stuffed turkey! (M&M's nuts and raisins)Here is Steph and Amada making a homade blackberry pie!
I'm so mean! I made this cute BYU grad wear my UofU apron.Mark and Steph came from Portland for this fabulous turkey dinner!
Amanda is going to BYU.
Alexander planning his next act of terrorism!This is my great niece, London. We are best buds!

The police showed up at our Thanksgiving with their turkey sniffing dog!
Actually, this is my nephew, Rich (London's daddy).

Here is the beginning of the floor laying process. We had to remove the cupboard from above the fridge and trim it because the extra height wouldn't allow the fridge in that space. Getting the linoleum off the floor was a killer!

Dave and Jake put most of the flooring in. Jake and John were good until they pounded their finger and got a blood blister. I think Jake, John and Dave all had blood blisters on their fingers.

The finished product! Well sorta...we still need to put the trim on. The cupboards were too light so my friend Angie helped me stain the cupboards. The picture makes them look redder than they actually are. Now to get the carpet in!!! Well, we need to do the entry way first, then they can lay the carpet. If I'm lucky, we can have it done by the end of the year!


Heaps Family said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see it up close. It looks great!! Way to go!

fern said...

i love it- it looks gorgeous!! soooo much work!!!

taldrknhndsm said...

looks very nice. i'm impressed Dave