Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tender Mercies for Emily

I know I have shared some of my experiences with you with Emily Heaps (in pink), but after Primary today, I feel to share some of the tender mercies God has for her, through me.

A few months ago, Emily shared with the whole primary class that she would not be able to come to Primary for the rest of the year, probably not until next spring (2009). She said she would be in the hospital for 6 weeks or more to receive chemo therapy and a bone marrow transplant. Before I could think about what I was saying, I reassured her that I would bring Primary to her, every week. The thought just popped into my head and there was no question I would have Primary with Emily. I wondered how I could make such a promise. What if I got sick? I couldn't risk making Emily sick. With her lack of immune system, it could be fatal. Then there was the possibility that family (hers and mine) stuff might interfere, my anniversary was on Sunday... So many things could come up. I didn't say, "I'll see if I can make it". I told her I would come! It was so strong in my mind that I would be there for Emily. What ever potential distraction that would come up earlier in the week, would be gone by Sunday. At least three times I thought I might be getting the illnesses going around the neighborhood or through my house, but when Sunday came, there was never a sign of illness. Even when they gave me a new calling, the person I was to replace ended up staying until the end of October, so I get another month with my little sweethearts! When I hung up the phone with the chorister (person I was replacing) when she told me I could keep teaching my class, the spirit whispered, "Emily needs you to be her teacher!"

I have to say, that today, while were having our lesson on honesty and then we practiced the songs for the Primary program (even though she won't be able to participate) I could feel angels there buoying her up and blessing her. That kind of spirit can't help but rub off when you're in the same room. Some of them must have followed me home, because that feeling didn't leave when I left the Heaps home.

I've heard some say that I must be some great primary teacher to give Emily her own lesson, but I'm not. Truthfully, it is an honor to be in her presence and with the rest of my class. They are the most beautiful, innocent, sweet, sometimes painfully honest spirits I have the blessing to be with.

I'm grateful for the tender mercies God has given me, so I can be there for Emily. I just imagine how much God loves her to put her in a family, friends and neighborhood that would love and support her through this difficult time in her life and what a blessing it is to have her in my life.

When she went into the hospital, I gave her one of my angels to watch over her. I can only say that that angel probably found the room pretty crowded with the other angels , just as I felt them today.

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