Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flying High again!

I got to not talk to Zack today! I could hear him in the background, but I didn't get to talk to him. I was so excited to hear his voice! He sent me a hug and a kiss! Awe, Precious!
I found out that he has gained 15 lbs! Are those pants snug yet, Zack? The sister that called me (Tanya) told me he was getting a second chin. Gotta have a picture of that! She didn't send me one yet, but hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

He is moving to a new apartment because sister missionaries are moving into his, and it's only one bedroom. LOL The biggest news is that one of his investigators (RJ) is getting baptized on Saturday! That is so awesome!

Half of my Primary class (Emily, Cambry & Kaleb) made me cookies, colored me some pictures and gave me a painted rock yesterday. I was at the store when they came over. I wish I could have seen their cute little faces when they brought their surprise! This is what Cambry writes: Dear Sister Holladay You are the best for me I love you I am sad that you are going to not being my teacher any more but I will still breg coockies love Cambry How could you not love that sweetness!

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