Sunday, September 14, 2008

Broken Heart
I'm starting out this post with a broken heart. I just learned today that I am being released as a Primary teacher. I was shocked! I love my Primary kids so much! I just cried when Bro. West asked me to change jobs. As soon as sacrament meeting is over they all run over to wherever I'm sitting like my little chicks. They color pictures for me, Cambry brings me cookies and I will miss their hugs! I'll still get to see them in church and Primary, but it won't be the same. I was crying when I went to Emily's to give her the Primary lesson. She said I could still come visit her.God bless your sweet little spirits!

This is what we did this week.
John, Jake and Austin decided it was so hot, they would fill some water balloons and play catch. They would throw the balloon and take one step back. Whoever dropped it got squirted with the hose or balloons thrown at them. They wanted to speed up the process of filling the balloons, so they used the ditch water from the green hose. I told them not to get it in their mouth, but Austin ended up getting sick the next day.

Lesson: If mom tells you not to do something, there is probably a good reason!

Spencer and Michael learned that lesson when after I told them not to throw the ball in the house, didn't listen, the broke the clock in my living room. Dang kids!

We had a really nice rainstorm at the first of the week.
I told Jake to come look at the hail, it was the size of golf balls! He ran outside in the pouring rain to find these two golf balls he had left on the front lawn. LOL
This is the first time meeting my great nephew, Boston Duckett! Hey, I look like a grandma!!!
He's adorable! And what a snuggle bug!
Arianne, you look great! Big Hug! Thanks Joyce, for letting us come over for lunch! It's great to get family together!
Last, but certainly not least, Steph brought James and Amanda to Utah so Amanda could check out going to BYU. She had a great time and check out the free hoodie they gave her! Nice! It was a short visit, but we love seeing them whenever we can! We enjoyed a nice BBQ at our house. Good food, good times!

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