Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Primary Day

Like many of you, we had Regional Conference today. There was no Primary Lesson scheduled, but the Heaps family still wanted Emily to have the Primary experience, so I decided it might be fun to have an FHE Primary experience with the Heaps/Holladay families. We talked about the 3 degrees of glory and which one would be the best for our families to go to. John and Grandma were tempted to go with the candy in the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms, but we convinced them to go through the trials with us to get the the Celestial Kingdom and the wonderful blessings that would come, if we got there together.

Sometimes we made mistakes, but we learned that our mistakes are not necessarily failures if we learn from them and we can do better the next time.

Here we were doing the Service game. Jill learned that sometimes we need to compromise to meet others needs and if we don't keep our eyes on others needs, they might not be met.

Sometimes we loose our balance and have to start over again and sometimes we just need a helping hand.

I'm happy to report that we all decided to make it to the Celestial Kingdom together and this was our "Celestial Blessings" Yum! I'm happy to know there is chocolate in Heaven!

We learned many lessons in our Primary experience. We were reminded in our conference talks to look for the "real" things in life and not settle for the fake replicas. Elder Uchtdorf reminded us to always pray, read our scriptures and strengthen our families. We were also reminded to be accepting of others who are not like us, and not to judge them, just because we don't understand them. We are very grateful for all the reminders of how we can become more like Jesus.

This is Jake, unloading the dishwasher, because he wants to be like me when he grows up! LOL

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