Sunday, August 10, 2008



Sorry my package missed you. I sent with J.C. and he promised it would get to you, but he didn't do it in time. I sent you some brownies and the jam.
You won't get those now, but I'll send the letters that were in there. I don't know when your P-day is, so I'm sending you this e-mail, just in case it's tomorrow.

So how was your flight? Pretty long huh! I hope you could weigh your bags before you left the MTC, and I hope you could fit all your stuff in your bags. Did you send anything home?

I was having a hard day today, you know, missing you. I knew you were on your way to a land far, far way. I was out in Joyce's yard doing yard work, singing Families can be together, forever and making my self cry. lol I went and helped grandma for a while, then she took me to lunch at Red Lobster. The food was delicious! I think grandma really enjoyed getting out of the house and going out to eat. She wants to go out to breakfast on Thursday morning, before we go on the campout. I choked up a little at the restaurant and a little when I talked to Angie on the phone, but I'm ok now.

I feel really bad you didn't get my package and letter before you went, but hopefully you got Aunt Joyce's cookies.

Grandma Holladay sent $60 to help pay for your mission.

Dad and Mike went on their backpacking trip on Monday. My last words to dad were, "Don't lose Michael!" I'm afraid he won't be thinking and get lost.
I told Angie I was afraid he would get lost and she said she was too. (That didn't make me feel any better!) She told Craig to keep an eye on him, even though Dad was there with him. You never know if Michael won't take off and do his own thing. I'm going to worry all week until they come home safe.
I'll be dreading each phone call. Blah!

Sorry! I had better go to bed. I have to get up early and mow the lawn before I go to the temple, get a present for Arianne's baby, meet with the insurance guy and pack for our trip. Emily Heaps started chemo therapy today so keep her in your prayers.

Love you!


P days are now on Wednesdays so its today lool. also they told me to stop shortening stuff like that so now I have to call them preperation days. I got my new companion-trainer today. Elder Palmer is his name, and he's from Spokane, Washington. He's a pretty cool guy. His family is into hunting and so far he's helped me a lot! oh and he's the driver. I have to be the navigator, even though I don't know where we're going. Yeah it was a very long flight. I actually sent you a letter about it last night LOL! so expect that in the next few days. I somehow managed to get everything to fit. so everything is good there. oh and there was an extra pillow in the apartment where I'm at so I don't have to buy a pillow quite yet. Everything is really green. and its usually overcast or raining, luckily. I'm not used to the humidity, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would be like Baja, Mexico, but its not. today was actually quite sunny and hot. I kind of miss the mountains though... they helped me to know where I'm at. I look for land markers when I'm navigating, and there isn't many of those around here. :/ I kinda miss you too, but Jake and John can help out. they better help out anyways... *shakes fist in their general direction- which ever it is-* they've got some big shoes to fill. literally. I haven't received any mail while I've been here. and that includes packages. oh yeah I still have to write those thank you notes. I haven't found the time to do those, but I might have some time later tonight so I'll work on them. I haven't gotten Aunt Joyce's cookies, so I'll make another note for her. I think I'll just send the notes to you, and then you can pass them on for me, because I don't know anyone's address except for your address, and Erika's address and Heather's address, but I only know the last two because I wrote them down. so I need to write 1 to the hardingers, 1 to grandama, and 2 two joyce? maybe I can combine those two into a long one... Erika said that she got her laptop taken away, so she won't be emailing for a while. She sends hugs and kisses and says she misses talking to you. LOL! yeah michael does kind of do his own thing sometimes. meh I wouldn't worry about it. if he gets lost, he'll eventually get hungry and find his way back. well gotta go! Love Elder Holladay

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