Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This won't hurt a Bit!

The Dr. was doing nothing to hurt Zack, but Zack remembered the shots the doctor had given him last time he was in. He wanted nothing to do with him now!

Here's a bit from Zack:

Dearest Mother,

Yeah I just felt like starting it like that...

This week has been pretty busy! We had a Half-mission activity on Monday where we spread mulch out at a park on the play ground. then they had sand that they wanted us to spread as well. it was really hard work! We did get to play sports afterwards though, so its all gewd.
Prior to our Half-Mission activity, me and my companion dropped off our car at Pepboys to get our oil changed. Well, when we went to pick up the car later that day, we noticed that there was some damage done to the front left panel, so we went and told the manager there and he said that we had to get 2 different estimates. So yesterday we got the two estimates and then we had to go take them back to the Pepboys. Well we then found out that we needed two copies (one for them and one for us) and their copy machine was broken, so we had to get them some other way. So we made some copies today and then we went back to Pepboys once again to give them the paperwork that they needed to file the claim. So that was quite the hassle, and it took up our time to teach, which bothered me.
Later today, I'm going to get my haircut at the Ashford's home (right down the street) Brother Ashford is the 1st Counseler in the bishopric in the ward that I'm currently in. Then we'll probably go to Sister Carter's house and do some service. Sister Carter likes to give missionaries a hard time, but once I got to know her, I found that she's actually pretty nice as long as you don't make her mad. lol! then we have Dinner at the Johnsons. Oh and you'll be happy to know, that we're being well fed by the members. Pretty much the only thing we have to "cook" is breakfast.

I'm glad to hear that Emily is improving! Tell her I says Hi and Get Well Soon! Also, Tell Grandma I says Happy Birthday! and Give her a hug and a kiss from me.

I did receive your letter in the "snail-mail", but I haven't gotten a chance to write back yet. I'll work on it in the mornings, like you said though.

Give Spencer a high five from me! Keep up the good work Spence!

Q & A (actually just "A", but you get the idea)

1. Gave my first BOM to a lady by the name of Lori Mitchell. She lives in Quinton on Lakeview St. I think. She's really nice! Her, and her next door neighbors are all investigators that we've found while tracting and doing windows.
2.I can print emails, but I have to pay for every page, and sometimes I forget my wallet.
3. The library in woodstown only has Macs. I don't know how to send pictures on them. Also Elder Palmer has an mp3 player that only works with Windows Media player.
4. We Drive all the time. Our area is to big and wide spread to do bikes. We actually have two areas by ourselves. We cover Salem, Elmer, Quinton, Beckett, Mullica Hill, Pensgrove, Pennsville, Carnes Point, and everything in between.
6. When we don't get fed, we usually go home to eat and cook something, but that doesn't happen often. We also eat out on occasion when we're not fed.
7. We usually have stuff to eat. so far I've made Spaghetti with Ragu, and French Toast. Most of the time, we just eat sandwiches though.
8. Its got its pro's and cons of being out on my own. We have one of the nicer apartments of the mission, so it has a washer and dryer already there (soooooooo nice to have it right there!). I don't like that I have to go out and buy my own food though. I'm actually buying my own fruits and vegetables. Yes that's right. I'm actually eating healthy. Big shock. I know.

Well I gotta get to them other emails! I expect to get that cd of pictures to you by next week.

Elder Holladay

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