Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweet Campout-Smith & Morehouse

Magically Delicious!

We arrived at the camp out on Thursday afternoon. It was pouring buckets of rain when we got there. The twins forgot their rain fly, so we improvised.

We had to bring Molly because we were afraid she would "freak out" if we left her home alone for a couple days. She was in dog heaven! She wouldn't sit still for more than two seconds. Unfortunately, all the burrs found their way to her fur. We had a time cutting them all out. She was chained to a tree close to our table when she saw a varmint running through our camp. She took off at full speed to chase it and went flying into the air doing a 360 spin at the end of her chain. I wish I had my video running on that one. It was hilarious!

We spent time at the lake on Friday. The boys enjoyed canoing and trying to catch tiny fish that swam around shore. It was great to have Elizabeth and Mel there with us, before they go off to school. They were quite entertaining with their canoe dancing!

Here is Belva and Scott just hanging out at the beach. Shauna stopped and bought a new puppy on the way to the camp out and the dog that Scott is holding is the mother, that came with it.

This is mom in her funny purple hat!

A big thanks to Fern for planning the camp out. I think it was a great success! Cindy did an awesome job of the camp skits and games and we really enjoyed the testimonies and comments at the end. It really did help me to feel closer to our family and I appreciate that from you guys!

Those who could not make it this year, you were really missed. Family get-togethers are just not the same without you. We love and miss you! Rod, Jean, James and Zack...our prayers are with you!

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sam said...

Rose wins for being the first to post about the family campout!!! Our internet has been down all weekend but I'm sure Carrie will have her version up soon. That was a great campout. Molly was a great dog and I'm sure she's welcome any time.