Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 Weeks out

Yeah Pres. Winegar said that we're only allowed to visit for email, so its a no go on the blog thing. I have been falling behind in my letter writing (basically its you, Heather, and some other missionaries from the mtc) but I will try to send it by today. I need to get one of those brown envelopes to put the cd in and thank-you notes. I'll put my letter in there too. I decided to put everything on a cd because I had like 186 pictures and it was over $26 for ONE print. the cd was like 5 dollars. so from now on I will get prints every 30-50 pictures.

Thats awesome that we got the big screen tv, but I am sad to see the pool table and stuff go. I kinda miss playing those games. I do get to play pool on rare occasions if one of the members invites me to play, but that has only happened once.

You're going with the laminate flooring again? I thought you were going to do wood or something. you can either rip the current floor off or you could take out the cupboards above the fridge. or I guess you could work around the fridge, but it would be difficult to get out when you get a new fridge in 20 years. But its your kitchen so do whatever you want. send me pics when its done! (if it gets done)

Happy Aniversary! Its kinda hard to plan something on sunday. You should do something saturday night.

*double-take* WHAAAAA? *double-take* Jake and John are starting to have a life???????
Since when? do they have jobs yet? if no, why not? Tell them I said to get off their lazy bums!

Yeah I'll pay you back for the class and stuff.
Note to self: Don't take books to that place again. I guess from now on, I'll have to take the books to the bookstore on campus.

Go ahead and take the money to give to Emily's fundraiser. I'm more than happy to help in what ways I can.

You should get Jake and John alarm clocks for christmas or something. or just as a present. then have them put the alarm clock across the room so they HAVE to get up. thats what I did with the alarm on my phone and it worked for the most part. also they should go to bed earlier... I know they don't go to bed before 11:00PM...

well gotta get to them other emails!

Love you to infinity and back and then to infinity again, Elder Holladay

1. Don't know about the holiday thing. I talked with one of my zoneleaders and he said that we stay inside after six the day before Halloween and on Halloween. and then we usually have thanksgiving Dinner with the bishop or one of the members or something as well as on christmas. and on christmas we get to call home. and on Mothers day too. other than that I think its just a normal day with appointments and stuff.
2. I started the Book of Mormon when I came on my mission. I believe that I'm in Alma 11 right now. sometimes I read passages from the bible and from Preach my Gospel. oh and speaking of PMG, tell Kyle to study PMG a lot (proably as much as the scriptures). It will help him a lot when he goes on his mission. thats the one thing I wish I had done before I came on my mission. I would also advise getting starting to use the Missionary schedule like a week or two prior to his departure for the MTC.
3. We try to do emails around 11:00am Eastern, but sometimes we have other stuff that gets in the way so we end up doing it later. Its usually within a few hours of lunch time (Eastern time).
4. Haircut is pretty good. I got some compliments on it at church, so you know its good.
5. Total, I've given out 3 BOM's
6. Yes there are two cemetaries accross the street from my apartment complex. the one to the north is bigger than the one to the south.
7. Its in the other E-mail.
8 and 9. The church gave me a support card (basically a debit card) with $140 dollars a month. for food and laundry and postage and stuff. what ever I don't use doesn't carry over, they just refill it to $140 at the beginning of the month.
10. there's a special credit card that stays in the car and the church pays for the gas, but we only have 1500 miles per transfer (6 weeks) so we have to really plan out our location around appointments or we have to ask members for rides to appointments.
11.I still have plenty of stamps. If I need more, I can get some from the post office with my support card.
12. Elder Palmer is like the middle child in his family, so I don't think he gets as much support as his Brothers got when they went on their missions. We think that the Mission Office is sending his mail to a different area by mistake because at our combined district meeting he got some mail that was sent to some other missionaries' apartment. All he has to do is call them to get it fixed, but he hasn't done anything yet, so I dunno. I'll let you know.

-----Original Message-----
From: "Rose Holladay"
To: "'Zachary Holladay'"
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 08:51:20 -0600
Subject: Hi son!

Well, thanks for your letter last week. It was very informative. I see you haven't looked at my blog yet, so either Pres. Winegar said no, or you didn't ask him yet. Still waiting for that snail mail that you promised. I remember that (cousin) Ryan told me he would write anyone who wrote to him, when he left on his mission. I told him he probably wouldn't have time, but he didn't believe me either. He wrote me once.

I planned a day at the gym for FHE on Monday, but dad decided to go to grandma's after work and then there wasn't enough time, so we are going on Thursday.

Aunt Joyce called yesterday and offered us her 50" big console tv from upstairs (cause Uncle Joe got that big 60" HD). Jake, John, Spencer, Dad and I went there after dad came home from work. I made pork chops and baked potatoes for dinner, then we went to Joyce's to pick of the tv. It just barely fit in the van. We dropped Jake and John off at Kyle's softball game in Orem on the way home. We got the Ware's and Taylor H. to help take the tv in the house and down the stairs. I guess we will be getting rid of the pool table and ping pong table, cause we can't use both.

I got a quote for carpet in the upstairs and on the stairs. It will be around $1500 installed. Dad is still working on the tile in our bathroom.
It's taking sooo long, I have reconsidered putting it in the kitchen. I think we will go with the laminate flooring, because Jake and I can lay most of it without having to wait for dad. I don't know what we will do for under the fridge because there is no room to get the fridge any higher, so I wonder if we just need to put the flooring up to the fridge. It may be a problem getting the fridge out, because the floor will be too high in front of it. I don't want to take out the existing flooring (too much work!). We may end up having to cut the trim of the cupboard above the fridge to make room for the extra height of the floor. Well, whatever. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

It's mine and dad's 24th anniversary next Sunday. I don't know if we will be doing anything. It's also Labor Day weekend.

I was glad to hear you did a service project. Hard work is good for you!

Speaking of work, I was hoping to cut back to working for Joyce only once a week, but since it is cheaper to take the boys to East Shore, than to have them ride the bus, I end up working for Joyce and grandma twice a week. I don't mind the money! It will help pay for our flooring, but it makes it harder for me to get the things done at home that needs to be done.

Jake and John are getting out more. They are even participating in Young Men's more. John, Kyle and Mike even went to a dance last weekend!

Wow, you sure cover a lot of area (I Google Earthed it)

They are having a fund raiser for Emily. If you don't mind, I'm going to take $10 out of your account and donate it from you.

Bad news: I went to the place you took your books back to for refund and they only gave you $30. I deposited it in your checking account. You have about $400 in there if you need it.

Grandma Sweet said she would give you $20 towards your mission every month.
She gave me the first $20 and I used it to pay for September's missionary bill.

Well, I had better get going. I have still got the indelible task of getting Jake and John out of bed so they can go to school.

1. What do you do on holidays? Do you still have appointments, or do
you take the day off?
2. What are you studying in scripture study?
3. Do you have a certain time of day that you e-mail me or is it
random? (I watch the computer until I get an e-mail from you on Wed.)
4. How did your hair cut turn out?
5. Did you give out any more B'sofM
6. Is there a cemetery across the street from your apartment? (Again,
Google E. It shows your address on a corner with no house on it)
7. I'm interested to know what fruits and veggies you are eating (for
future refs.)
8. I'm also very interested in knowing how you pay for stuff. Do you
get a check from the church?
9. How much is it?
10. How do you pay for gas for the car?
11. Do you need more stamps?
12. Is Elder Palmer's family very supportive of him, like does he get packages from home all the time and letters and stuff? If you ever have a companion who doesn't get the love and support from home like you do, let us know and we will fill in.

I love you to infinity and beyond!


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