Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Missionary Update

This isn't how Zack looks on his mission. He is very busy. He sent me 6 e-mails today. Here are some excerpts.

Hey mom,

Yeah I try to answer everything, but I only have so much time on the computer, so sometimes I have to skip some stuff. I'll try to type faster or something. And sometimes, it scrolls too fast, so I completely miss some things.

Yeah its not that hard, once you figure out where you are, where you're going, and what page on the map you're on. I usually have a hard time keeping track of where exactly we're at on the map, but I'm starting to memorize which streets to turn on to get to which cities.

Bummer not getting the brownies and cookies sent to him.
It was definitly a bummer. I actually learned that they don't deliver packages when it arrives. They wait till a zone conference or something and they take all the packages there. so if you're sending baked goodies, send them to:
150 West Ave.
Apt. 202
Woodstown NJ 08098, and I can't remember the zip code, so you'll have to look it up.
if you send hand written stuff, though, still send it too the 505 lenola drive ste 124, Moorestown, NJ 08057 address.

I never realized how much I depended on the mountains to know which way I was facing. out here, you have to remember which way you're going and all that fun stuff. thats the hard part for me. I think I might just go to the dollar store and get a compass or something lol.

OH! Guess what! There was a really big storm on sunday! It rained really hard! We ran from the church to the dumpster to throw some trash away, and then back to the church as fast as we could, and we were soaked! My suit smelled like wet dog. EWWW! I think I'll have to get it dry cleaned later, but when my suit dried, it didn't smell as strong, but its still very faint. oh and there was a tornado somewhere north, northeast of where I was. We didn't see it, but its still kinda cool that there WAS one. I still haven't seen a tornado in real life. oh and the roads were flooded, and some crops were destroyed. it was awesome! I like the weather here, for the most part. it rains fairly often, and its muggy. but the only days that are actually hot are the sunny and humid days. those are the worst. its not so bad when there's over cast.

How is Emily Doing? what is her condition? How's her family doing? Did Kyle put in his papers yet?
I actually kind of miss my guitar. I would love to play it while I wait for my companion to get out of the shower or during what little free time I have.
My Typical Day:
6:30am- wake up/go running/take a shower/eat breakfast 8:00am-Personal Study 9:00am-Companion Study 10:00am-Out the door to go to appointments and what not around 12ish pm- Lunch 1:00pm appointments and tracking 6:00ishpm dinner at a members house sometimes. if not, more tracting and appointments
(8:00PM) Dinner if we didn't already eat 9:00PM daily planning 10:00PM companion prayer 10:30PM lights out

We only eat at members houses like every other day. They sign up on a calender on which day they want to feed us. Sometimes when we're at an appointment, they feed us even though we didn't set up a dinner appointment.
I go to the library 20 in Mullica Hills (look it up) I guess I COULD look at your blog, but that's technically not emails, so I think its against the rules.

I love getting letters! They really brighten my day! I'll write back anyone who writes me.
Oh yeah, and I've already found an Investigator! She was playing on her Wii when I knocked on her door. Her house was actually the first door I ever knocked on, since I've been here in Jersey. It was AWESOME!
oh and here's a New Jersian Joke:
Q: What do trees drink?
A: Wooder.(water)
LOL! Thats a thigh slapper!

Love you to infinity + 1!

Elder Holladay

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