Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

This is some of the 2 dozen roses Dave gave me for putting up with him 2 dozen years!

Here are some more!
As a rule, if you get more than a dozen roses you have to share with someone you care about. This is my dear friend Jill. If you notice the red ribbon on the vase, this is a love ribbon. Someone who loves me, gave me this ribbon on a gift, I gave it to someone I care about very much, and Jill will pass it on to someone she cares about.
This was my Primary primary class today! Emily was joined today by her two best buddies, Thomas and Jackie. Jill's cousin was there also. She helped us sing our Primary songs. Notice the Princess wand she is holding. She was turning Thomas and Jackie into frogs and statues by the time I was leaving. Emily informed me that she did not like my hair pulled back in a head band. I saw the picture they took of me, and I have to agree.

Thomas and I were discussing that one of the blessings of having illness in the family is that you get to see more family and friends. He mentioned in his testimony today that he was grateful to see what good cooking there was in the ward. I asked him what his favorite meal was so far and he said mine was. Good answer Thomas!! LOL You trained him right Matt and Jill! Thomas was so loving with his sisters. I wish I had a brother like him!

Before I left, I asked Emily if she was going to send a card to Bro. Richards, who just found out he had cancer and will also be needing a bone marrow transplant. Emily said he didn't need a card right now, but then she went over to her desk and got a heart she had made out of clay and with Jackie's help, wrote, "Be Brave!" (heart), Emily. Bro. Richards in still in the hospital, but he will be getting this sweet gift as soon as he gets home, tomorrow.

Joyce (far right) was gracious enough to invite the girls up to the cabin to relax and get away from the every stresses at home. We enjoyed watching movies and eating some yummy food. Joyce taught me how to play Canasta! I've had the game in my closet for a few years, and finally found someone who would teach me how to play it. I taught Dave how to play it when I got home. He is so lucky at cards! Thanks for the relaxing weekend Joyce!

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Rachel Elison said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Here's to more many years of happines!
Love you!