Thursday, July 31, 2008

Letters from Zack


Dear Mom and Family,

Thank you for the krispy kremes and the cookie! they were delicious!They were gone within 5 minutes. I'm glad things are going well! It's not so easy, being the "man" of the house, you thought it would be, eh John? you've got big shoes to fill bro! literally!lolololol Oh and Michael, there's a reason why you can't find my gaming stuff. It's because I hid it in my special hiding spot. However, since you seem to really want to play on it, I give everyone in the room, and within a 50 foot radius, to poke you as much as they want. (If Dad's not there, then Jake and John, you'll have to give him some pokes from me. like at least a hundred. each).
So today is my first P-day. We were Kind of excited to sleep in, but we found out that its easier to do emails in the morning, so we can write letters during laundry time. Oh, and sorry but I kind of forgot the camera and stuff, so you'll have to wait till next week. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to make up for it.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were THE longest days of my life. the reason being is because we had tons of classes and meetings all day long. it was BRUTAL! but then Sunday rolled around, and after that it got WAY better! cuz by then I had gotten used to the schedule, and we FINALLY had gym on monday. its so nice to be able to work out (never thought I'd say that...) It sucks having to sit in a chair all day. its nice to move around a bit.
Tuesday we had a devotional with Brother Gene R. Cook (Quorum of the Seventy) it was pretty good! It was pretty motivational. He talked about having faith in christ.
Oh I guess I should tell you who is in my District eh?
Well we have Elder Holladay(me), Elder Marchant(my companion), Elder Howell(Elder Johnson's companion), Elder Johnson(Elder Howell's companion), Sister Bates(Sister Burnside's companion), Sister Burnside(Sister Bates's companion), Sister Nelson(Sister Matheson's companion), and Sister Matheson(Sister Nelson's companion). Elder Marchant is from colorado springs, Colorado. He speaks spanish better than I ever did, and he's really good at the piano. He's also easy to get along with (which is good). Elder Howell is from some town in Arizona (it starts with a "g" I think) he has a license in massage therapy (lucky for his companion) and he likes to talk a lot and he goes off on tangents all the time.
Well I'll have to tell you about everyone else next week. My time is almost up on the computer.
Oh and by the way, I'm not homesick at all. its REALLY nice not having to worry about stuff like making money or paying bills. and they feed us really good. but anyways...

I'll talk to you next week!
Elder Holladay

From: "Rose Holladay"
To: "'Zachary Holladay'"
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 19:45:59 -0600
Subject: hey Zack!

Hey Zackerdoodle!

I was so excited to get your e-mail! I could hardly wait for Thursday to come. I kept checking my gmail account, but nothing. You said you would probably send it in the morning, but nothing.Finally around 2 p.m. I decided to check my yahoo account, just in case you sent it there. It sounds like you are very busy! I sent a copy of your e-mail to Erika. We have been e-mailing back and forth quite a bit. We have given each other challenges to keep for a week. She challenged me to eat 6 small meals a day and drink lots of water (to help me lose weight) and I challenged her to say her prayers every night and read the scriptures for at least one minute a day. We'll see how this challenge thing goes.

Did you find out what a District Leader does yet? lol

You get to miss out on the stinky hair (perm)..Lucky! I'll send you another package, but I've got to get another letter (hand written) to get one from you.

Wasn't sure if you were giving Michael permission to play on your game stuff or not. You might want to clarify that better.

Still trying to learn how to use your phone. I just spent an hour getting grandma Holladay hooked up with Qwest internet and phone service.

I'm glad you're not Homesick yet. I hope you miss me a little, though.
I'll write more later in the week.

Love you!


Hey mom-er-doodle!
yeah sorry about sending it to your yahoo account. I couldn't remember which one you wanted me to send mail to. I almost did the Networld one, but I wasn't sure if you still checked that one, so I went with yahoo. Thats good that you challenged each other. I think I might participate lol. you challenged me that for every book of mormon, I placed, you would loose one pound right? well you might want to start on that, cuz I will place one this week before I leave the MTC.

I found out what a district leader does. I'm basically the leader of the District lol! I conduct the beginning and end of class, and sometimes I have to teach lessons for an hour or so. its not too hard. I have more meetings than everyone else though, so I'm not too excited about that part.

lol no perm, but I have to put up with 3 stinky guys! (not rly) I'll try to write you a hand written letter, but It might be REALLY short for lack of time. if you do send me a package, send it to the mission home because I leave tuesday august 5th morning on the plane.

The answer is no. no one can play on it. They've destroyed them enough as it is. Mike, if you want to play your games, I know that Andrew West has a gamecube so you can go over to his house and play with him.

So how is G-ma doing? what do you have left to do at her house?

Ok, I'll admit, I do miss you a little... your cooking was/is much better than the mtc food. I mean the stuff here is edible, but it makes me really gassy... :/ Your cooking just seems more filling too!

Love you!
Elder Holladay

From: "Rose Holladay"
To: "'Zachary Holladay'"
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 23:25:06 -0600
Subject: Hey Elder!

How's my favorite missionary? Have you seen Ryan Struthers yet? Did you get my box of crackers...I mean cookies? JC said he saw you a few times. I had him drop the last box off for you. I hope you got it the same day.

I went to the temple today with Aunt Belva and Uncle Bob. I just barely made it in the session. I had to figure out which room they were going into and hustle over there before they started.

All the girls in the ward are at Girls Camp this week, so they asked the mother's of the boys to go with them to the Developmental Center. I pushed a guy named Jesse around for a while. It was so hot there; sweat was dripping down my back. I got Karen Buchanan to take a turn and I took a rest. Colton even came. Austin said that Colton told him if he were living there, he would want me to be the one to push his wheel chair. I guess he thought I was the best dancer! LOL

Well, I don't want to make this too long, because I want you to have time to write back. I'm just dieing to hear from you! LOL I spent yesterday working for Joyce and helping grandma with some finance stuff. Dad made me mad when he told me he had to pay $75 for his hiking trip. They are spending over $1000 just to hike for a week! They are eating trail mix, oatmeal with no milk, some beef jerky and freeze-dried food. I'm thinking..$1000-condo with steaks and drinks! That's what I'm talking about! LOL

I hope you are getting used to the missionary life. Remember, my email address is

I love ya man! You are so precious!


Hey Mom!
Your favorite missionary is doing pretty well. I've pretty much adjusted to missionary life here at the MTC.(though I know that its way different from the REAL missionary work) Yeah I've seen ryan in the cafeterian and sometimes in the halls. I've also seen some other people that I know from High school. I did get your crackas! Thanks! I gave everyone the no bake cookies, and then I ate some of the cc cookies and then shared some. I put the candybars on the AC because they were melted. I'm not sure which box JC dropped off or when he dropped it off, but the last package I got was the crackas. I'm glad you got to have that experience at the developmental center.
well I gotta go! i'm not done with emails and I have 3 minutes left on here!

Love ya! (no YOU'RE precious)

Elder Holladay

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