Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Look Like Charlie Brown!!!

I suppose it was bound to happen.  We took Jake out to eat for several reasons, partly to see if we could put some weight back on him and partly because Dave wanted to continue the celebration of completing radiation therapy.  Monday is usually a good day for appetite for Jake because it's just before his next chemo treatment.  There was a young man at the door, and as we were leaving he started yelling that Jake looked like Charlie Brown and how he hated that guys shaved their heads!

Sorry Jake!  I'm so glad that there are only a few people are like that.  Most people ask me how you are doing and are concerned for you.  They pray for your return to good health.  Still, there are many who don't understand that your baldness was not your choice.  If it were up to you, your hair would be down in your eyes again!  Then there would be those people who would wonder why you don't get your hair out of your eyes!  Thanks for your patience, Jake!  We love you no matter where your hair is!


Carrie said...

Are you serious? Please tell me that you kindly went up to that young man and explained why he was bald and that maybe next time he shouldn't be so quick to judge. It would be a life changing experience for him I'm sure! :) Jake, we love you and your baldness! You are so strong and are such an inspiration to all of us on how to handle adversity! Congrats on finishing radiation!!!

Karen B. said...

Apparently, that young man has never had to experience knowing anyone in this situation (lucky for him), but I am sure he will; and then he will think back on his words and feel..... just feel.