Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary Hon!

Well, not Happy Anniversary to the ladies, but the cute guy on the right.  The pics I took on our anniversary saved to the camera and not my memory card (I don't know why) so we improvise!  The day started out well with some racquetball exercise with my friend, Wendy.  Then my friend, Janine, brought her two girls over and helped me sort through and get rid of a bunch of papers piled up on my desk and hidden from visitors on top of my dryer.  It was getting a bit over whelming and MESS is STRESS at my house.I had only 4 follow up items I had to deal with this morning, but now it is finished...for now.  My desk is clear of problems and papers!

Dave came home a little early, loaded up the 4 wheelers and we headed up the canyon.  I was surprised that more leaves weren't turning yet, and there were still flowers out!  It was cool, clear and beatufuil...and bouncy!  My goodness, I can't believe what a bumpy ride it was!  We took a turn and discovered some old abandoned mines.  We decided to see where the road led.  My arthritic thumb was starting to bother me, so I wanted to turn around and go back.  Dave wanted to go a bit further, so I a good wife!  I hit a rock with my right front tire and suddenly found myself on the ground!  I always wondered how people could fall of 4 I know!  My 4 wheeler started rolling backwards down the mountain so I grabbed on to it (still lying on the ground) so I wouldn't have to chase after it.  I got up, brushed myself off, check for body damage (mine), hopped back on the bike and kept going.  That was not the most exciting part of my trip.

Dave decided to take a bumpy road down the mountain to meet up with the main road.  We came to some large rocks blocking the road.  I saw it as a sign to turn back.  Dave saw it as a challenge.  He got the bikes over the first blockade...then we came to the reason they blocked off the road.  Most of the road had washed away, but someone had made a trail riding at an angle on the side of the mountain (here is where a picture would help explain) no road.  Alternative, ride on the side of the hill or fall down the steep mountain...or my favorite, turn back.  Dave choose the first!  I followed, but got my 4 wheeler pointed in the wrong stopping, no slowing down, just go for it!  I thought I was a gonner for sure, but somehow, with my great skill (hehe) and lots of prayer, I got safely across.  I started to tip, but put my foot down and somehow got my bike to go in the right direction!  Then we had to get the bikes over the next set of boulders.  My remarks to Dave when we were through it:  "Let's not do that again!"

When we got back down to the truck, my arm was aching.  It felt like it was cracked near the elbow.  I was trying to decide if I should go to to the Urgent Care when we got out of the canyon.  We hadn't gone out to dinner yet, so I decided to take a pain pill, go out to dinner, then we spent some quality time at Urgent Care.  It wasn't cracked, but the bone was bruised.  Doctor's orders are not to use my arm for a week to let it heal.  I have to use a sling, very fashionable!  Our most memorable Anniversary yet!

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