Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chemo: Round 8

For the first time, Jake went to chemo without me!  I was ready to go, but John and Austin wanted to go with him, then go for pizza after.  It was our anniversary and I had a bunch of stuff to do, so I was grateful for the extra time off.  His blood counts were pretty low so we got to take a trip in and do a blood transfusion after radiation therapy on Wednesday.  We are figuring out what "normal" is, and I think Jake is comfortable handling this on his own sometimes.
Jake just did his labs on Friday.  All of his counts were up!  No more Neupagen shots this week!
Happy Dance!

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Jill Heaps said...

Way to celebrate the good times! He is doing great :) Pizza was one of Em's favorites... Congrats!