Saturday, July 24, 2010

You can do hard things!

I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday and he said you should at least walk 30 minutes a day.  I haven't been walking or running at all this year (much to Molly's disappointment!).  I do play racquetball 4 times a week, but that's not the same as a good uphill run.  Last year I could run down hill and up without stopping (good cardio!) 

This morning was the morning I was going to go out and at least walk for 30 minutes (Molly was so excited she was shaking!)  I laid in bed for a while, listening to the not-so-quiet snoring next to me, trying to make sure that this truly was the day I was going to go "climb that mountain".  The air was still nice and cool, so I made up my mind, slipped into my running clothes, slipped the dog into her harness and off we went.  Walking was too easy so we notched it up to an easy jog.  We got to the end of the street and and I summed up that long hill, released the dog and started my decent.  Knees weren't hurting, so again with the jogging.  I was surprised that I wasn't out of breath, but downhill is always easier.  Small incline, not too bad.  Looped around, another small constant incline, little more work, but feeling good.  Nearing the bottom of the hill, still jogging, should I try?  Could I actually make it to the top without stopping?  No way!  Maybe!  I'll try!  I can do this!  Almost there!  Here comes the steep part!  Yes!  I did it!  My arms went up, just like my Courage Angel!  Then I wept, because He said I could do hard things..and I can!


Jill Heaps said...

Way to go Rose!! We CAN do hard things :) Keep up the great work... it will help you keep your mind clear during all the caos :)

fern said...

i'm jealous- i can't run (jog) more than 5 houses-- never have been able to. glad you surprised yourself in such a good way- ;-)