Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chemo: Round 2

Well that was very encouraging!  The doc was very happy about how much the swelling had gone down in Jake's leg already.  I was able to get more questions answered and we were done within 1/2 hour!  Jake found a shoe that he could fit on his foot (though he doesn't wear the matching shoe on the other foot).  They're both black, so I guess that's close enough (No, he didn't learn how to dress from me...well, he did, but he didn't listen too good! lol).  I told the doc that the chemo turned his hair black (and his brother's, and his friend's).  She said that was the first time she saw that side effect.  Next chemo-next Tuesday.  I think we will be doing the radiation planning that day also.

Round 4 of chemo (Aug. 3) is the one that is going to make me nervous.  Second overnight stay.  Probably a higher dose of chemo.  Radiation starting.  Nevertheless...so far so good!

Addendum:  Blood counts waaaay down, so this isn't so good. :(


Jill Heaps said...

Ya Hoo! Very encouraging and EXCITING news! Hopefully he will feel better quicker this round :)

fern said...

you are all still in our prayers! here is a blog you can follow- Troop602.blogspot.com russ and aaron run the drag at rocky mtn raceway- and their jamboree trip-