Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can I Share?

I had the most amazing experience today!  I went to the temple because (it's Wednesday) I get so much comfort and strength and guidance when I go there.  I felt that I was so wrapped up in worries that I wasn't giving the Spirit any opportunities to talk to me.  So today I went to listen.

I went to that special corner in that special room where peace enfolds me like a warm, soft, safe blanket.  I was soaking up the serenity and closed my physical eyes. Then I could see them, so many angels had come to see me and give me their comfort and prayers.  Some people I had met, some I hadn't, but knew of.  There was grandma and grandpa Jackson, Aunt Marie, Aunt Lois, Aunt Enid was there with beautiful La Fern, Dave's dad and brother, John.  There was Uncle Fred, Sherry, Aunt Jackie, Aunt Clay, Grandma Sweet and her sister Gladys, my friend Carl Blad and his beautiful wife.  Many more friends and many more relatives.  There were so many people there I don't know how they even fit in the room.  Some were ancestors that I had never met, but knew of through genealogy.  The sweetest, though, was my little nephew Thomas.  He stood by the side of my chair and rubbed my arm and said, "Don't worry Aunt Rose, it's going to be ok!"

You know, Tom Tom, I think you're right!


mountainrunnermike said...

You are in the right place. The temple was such a retreat for me when I lost my job.
Tell Jake to keep going and what great support for the brothers to dye their hair together.
Our prayers continue to be with you and the family.

Jill Heaps said...

Blessings!!! What a great tender mercy :) Everything IS going to be all right! Love you!

Sam said...

I don't know anyone who has qualified themselves more to have those experiences!

The Nelson's said...

Wow, that is such a neat experience! I'm glad that you were able to be so close to all of those family members that you love.

fern said...

ok- now i have to ban myself from reading your blog at work- i can't stop crying. i agree with sam- what an incredible experience. thank you so much for sharing. love you sis.