Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet Camp Out!

We went to Fish Lake for our Sweet Family Camp Out.  Audrey and Jeremy were in charge and except for the many bugs and cold nights, it was a really fun Sweet Family get-together!  The day did not start out as we had planned on Wednesday.  Let's back up!  Tuesday, Zack came home.  We took him straight to the Stake President's office, which happens to be the Church Administration Building, where all of the apostles and President Monsen have their offices.  Of course, we got to go there when everyone was on vacation!  Just our luck!  It is a beautiful building, though.  Zack was released from being a missionary and we started for home.  Dave took Jake to another appointment so we drove separate cars.  Zack took the grand tour of the house then got started cleaning out his closet so he could put all his stuff in there.  He took all my stuff out of the closet...the nerve!  Now I have to find some place else for all my treasures!

Wednesday, we started to pack and one of the boys noticed a leak from the truck.  Well Dave and John pulled it apart and decided it was the radiator.  He went down to Checker Auto and bought a new one and installed it, but it didn't have the right connector on it.  Dave was really frustrated by this point, so I called a mechanic to see what I should do to get the right part.  I got a referral to a place in Salt Lake.  Dave began to pull the other radiator out and I ran to SLC to get the right part.  As it turns out, we just needed the adapter.  Dave and John got everything put back together so then we packed the truck and car and left for the camp out.  We didn't get there until after dark.  It was freezing cold and none of us brought extra blankets or warm coats.  There were lots of deer to be seen on the way up, though.

We just missed seeing Rod, and James was even later than we were!  Thursday the theme was Hawaiian.  For dinner we had Teriaki Chicken, some yummy pineapple slushy drink, salads and fruit.  The boys took the 4 wheelers and they set up a shooting gallery (skeet and target) and took turns doing everything.  I was happy to stay in camp and visit with the ladies & James.  Jake ran out of pain pills and started hurting, plus he had another appointment to go to on Friday, so we went home.
Fern and Mel made it from the Anderson clan.  Aaron and Danielle came too, but they had to leave.

Sam and his clan were dressed in festive orange!




Dang!  I got a picture of the dog, but not Spencer!  He was running around all over the place!
Here's grandma Sweet wearing her trucker babe outfit!

and my favorite Holladay!

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