Saturday, July 17, 2010

How's it going so far?

Well, it's a little better now.  Jake, John and Austin decided to dye their hair black.  Not so bad for Jake because his hair will be falling out soon, but it's a decision that John will have to live with for a while longer. 

Jake totally lost his appetite until Friday.  He had one small bowl of cereal, each day, Tuesday through Thursday (I've got to get me some of that!).  Friday, his appetite started to come back.  Giving the shots is getting a bit easier, but still stings going in.  He has been taking the wrong antibiotic since he's been home...hope that doesn't mess things up.  So far, no fever, no nausea (which I'm grateful for cause those pills are $10 a piece!).  I had him measure his leg swelling this morning and it was down!  Yay!! 

Joyce let us use her cabin this weekend so we took a little vacation from the drama (tried anyway).  I learned something though, when you try to do something you love while amidst a crisis, it sucks all the joy out of the experience.  There were beautiful flowers and I love how the air smells with the weeds and flowers and trees.  The breeze on my face would keep the bugs away and the shade of the trees would keep it nice and cool.  There were beautiful vistas to see and the sweet companionship of my family.  Yet always there was that torturous reminder of worry...does he have enough sun screen on?  Are the bugs biting him yet?  Is he going to get scratched, then infected?  Did he take his pill this morning?  Was it the right one?  Is he drinking and eating enough?  Is he nauseous yet?  Is it clean enough?  Is the food fresh enough?  Is there anyone sick around him?  Does he have a fever?  Is the swelling going down yet?  Are we there yet?

I look forward to the day when the worst thing I have to worry about are my hot flashes! (sigh!)  K.  Done venting.  We are dealing and coping and we appreciate all of your prayers and love and support.  Tomorrow, it's Zack's Day!  (Big smile)!


Jill Heaps said...

Totally normal feelings my friend! I cried as I read this because it is all too familiar. I found that my closet became one of my most cherished places. I could go in, close the door and poor my heart out to our Father in Heaven. I know you talk with him all the time, but I promise, you will find comfort as you do it even more! (if that's possible)
I am so glad to hear his appetite is coming back a little; till Tuesday anyway :) and also that his leg has gone down... VERY POSITIVE! Congrats :)

Kellie said...

I might have some extra Zofran if you want it. Tell him he has all sympathy from me as far as the nausea goes :( You are doing great, though!

~Dana said...

It will be great when we are all 4-wheeling around again together at Joyce's cabin!