Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The lost hair...

Hair, but falling out by the hands full.

The end result!
I told Jake it was ok to get 4 tattoos today!  These are the marks they put on him so they can position him exactly the same every time he gets radiation therapy (John said they were his permanent dot-to-dot.). 

Jake's counts were still good today, so he still doesn't have to have his shots.  We started out at the Huntsman Cancer Center and they took a CT scan of Jake's middle.  Next Wednesday they will do a "dry run" of the radiation therapy, then it actually starts Thursday, Monday through Friday for about 28 days (5 1/2 weeks).  We should be done with radiation around 9/13.

Chemo went well today.  Just a little tired...a lot tired.  They warned us that the radiation would make him even more tired.  I know it made me tired!  (weird side note:  I have been getting sympathy symptoms for Jake.  After his chemo I started feeling a little nauseous on the way home).  

Next week we should go in mid-morning and check into the hospital for the next chemo treatment.  He stays overnight and should be released around 10:30 a.m., then we go up to Huntsman to get the test run of radiation.  They said that the radiation definitely makes him nauseous so we are really looking forward to that!

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Jill Heaps said...

Good counts? YA HOO!! I love the no hair look:) Jake looks awesome!