Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Afternoons

Nothing too exciting happening lately, but I took some pictures of our Sunday afternoons. Last week Audrey invited us to her house for dinner.

Audrey and Jeremy Chillin.

Twins chillin!

Kids hanging out on our old trampoline.

Peter jumping on Dave!

Marion & Grandma Sweet chillin

Today, we got to go to my niece, Jodie's for her baby blessing. It's always fun to visit with family. I have to say that Jodie served the best fruit I have had this summer! Her uncle is a professional chef and did a fabulous job of cutting all the fruit up so quick. I think he trying hard not to roll his eyes at my attempts! Love the anticipation in his face!

Tyler installed a zip line in his back yard. Spencer loved it! Unfortunately, the first time he tried it he got stuck right about here and fell flat on his back! Sorry Bud!

John and Jordy bouncing the little kids on the trampoline.

Joyce spent about 90 hours making this exquisite baby dress. I don't think the picture can do it justice! She had already made a dress, but the baby was a little early so it was way too big. You are amazing Joyce!

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ALLFREY said...

Love, love, love.... lazy days!